Day 135 why is it still raining 🌧🌧🌧 when the rest of the UK basks in record temperatures???! (still not a weather forecast blog honest!)

I did 5 of these yesterday

Wee bit sad today as I’ve just dropped my beloved Abbie the camper van at Garnock MOT today to get her barn door and rear bumper bashes fixed and some touch up on the front bumper where the previous owner used to park too close to the front of the house. (Point to note here that in my early days in a previous job I did hit the factory wall in my excitement at driving straight into a parking place?!?! Didn’t live that down for a long while…. 😆)

Just need to clearly point out that NONE of the damage on the van had been caused by me?!? Ok?!? Yet…… 😬

So yeah she’s away for about a week!!! One whole week…. we’re back into the Beetle, just as well we still have it! Still love love love driving it but can’t be greedy and have both. It corners like it’s on rails…. but that’s lady style driving rails again just to be clear… It’s still for sale 😁 getting an MOT and service on Tuesday. Watch out I’d the garage wants both my cars at the same time!!?!?? To make matters worse the Jeep is STILL in another garage.

Must get a better pic together when they are back together again!

I got back up from the garage and had a wee wander round the garden to see what’s been blooming in that incessant rain!

Check this wee guy!
This is a few months behind as it’s mean to “flower” in April
Humongous amounts of Rhubarb! Pass the crumble!!

So I’ve made a couple of calls this morning and spoken to the loveliest lady who was shouted at by another dog owner the other day. She is terrified to walk her dog and a big bully made her feel even worse about it. That same thing happened to me at the early stage of my mental health journey and I can around everything that man said to me. People can be so cruel when can we all just be kind to others and the world would be a much nicer place. It takes nothing to be kind…. not a penny. Rant over.

So….. mood wise I’m not the best but I am trying to understand it. When I have downtime, I’m sure I should be making better use of it. So Craig’s taken the pups out and I have run around the house and “sharked” it AGAIN…… dog hair removes until it returns which I’m sure will be in about half and hour of their return, at best. Now I’ve sat down and out my feet up and am catching up on the blog. No hairy flurry or activity around me. Just me. And breathe….

I sent this to mum this morning as I really love this artist and it’s our kind of colours. I can lose myself inside this and I plan on doing just that.

They’re back….. it’s precisely 5 seconds before there is hair flying everywhere…. 😳😤😆

So I’ve booked 8 Pawsitive Solutions jobs this week and managed to increase my booking percentage to 30%!!! Love updating the spreadsheet to see what it does to my percentages…. 😂😂

It’s been a funny day today…. I’m ok but a bit meh….. still that’s better than yesterday’s wound-up-like-a-coiled-spring!

We have a socially distanced 50th in the pub tonight for Holly’s brother in law, Michael so I better get showered and ready soon and looking out my big gladrags. There are 3 tables I believe, one with his family who have obviously mixed, 2nd a close friends family and 3rd the neighbours table who have mixed. Sandwiches and crisps cannot cross tables so we all get our own munchies. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out why I need big gladrags 🤭😆

I think my hair has gown a bit….
Rachel & her friend Gillian from Ireland with husband Adam’s fingers!
Craig being an arse moving about in the pic!!
Socially distanced 50th party…. the 2 Kenny’s trying not to look at the camera!
A wee funny to end with

Enjoying a great night out!

Stay safe everyone 💜💜💜