Day 153 yay road…. trip… (much smaller voice 😴🥱) but with bonus camels and Llamas 🐫🐫🦙🦙💁🏻‍♀️

Trying not to start the day off on a negative but that was the worst sleep I’ve had in a hotel for a long time…. folk passing outside talking, shouting, laughing, listening to music and smoking right under the open window. I tossed and turned for hours and last I saw on the clock was 11.37pm when the room was filled with cigarette smoke despite there being a sign on the window saying we’d be fined for smoking in the room…. seemed ok for those outside to do it and filter through our room….

There were also signs in the staircase and the corridors saying to shhhhh as people might be sleeping…. not sure that anyone outside last night cared about that!?!?

Two very tired girls set off for Van Furniture at 8am this morning!!!
7 mins drive and we’re here!!!
Waiting patiently…. at this point the guy had said he had to check to see if part of the floor had been cut yet…
I tried to keep breathing….
It’s all ok….. First bit of flooring laid flat
Diego loading in the rest!
Thankfully the smaller bit of floor has been cut without any wait….. phew. All blanketed under and over for the drive back!!
Ready to leave!
A Tesco breakfast in Homebase car park! the sun is shining!
Have to look into this on the A11…. too tired to do it just now!! Such a random, giant memorial in the middle of woodland and fields. Was quite breathtaking!
Me and my van!
Next stop a random lay-by outside Grantham
Jac driving!!
Is this the sky from the Simpsons tv show?!?
Managed to see camels on the way home! You could never have imagined that?!?
And 2 Llamas at the Llama Karma Kafe! Sooooo cool. I really want a Llama!
Yay!!! The car behind us did the same thing too!!
Made it back to ours, 2 very tired girls and Jac still has to drive home!

Thanks so much to Jac for coming with me… excellent co-pilot and wingman and I’m sure I’d have been staying down south somewhere if she hadn’t been with me. She only got home at 7pm after we set off at 8am this morning!

I may never drive again. I’m sitting out in the sun at home starving…. too tired to eat but know I need to! It’s been such a lovely sunny day, just beautiful….

A lovely relaxing end to the busiest driving few days (grammar police eat your heart out!)

Stay safe everyone 🐫🦙🐫