Day 145 shopping for bathroom stuff and still more sun ☀️☀️☀️

Slept like a log last night. Was a good sleep! Probably all that fresh air again though it wasn’t as warm to sit out last night so we watched a movie for the first time in in ages instead.

I’m a bit short tempered today. No reason why that I can think of. Just feel a bit irked…. I love that word, it actually makes me laugh which I suppose is good when a word describing irritation makes you smile. I think my anxiety is telling me that loads of stuff needs done today and yet it actually doesn’t. Even writing that helps me calm down.

So we went out bathroom shopping this morning as the guy starts work early September. We went up to bathroom shops in Hillington and got a towel warmer radiator, a shower and a small corner sink unit for the small bathroom. All in the first shop. Still to look at mirrors and some storage units and of course the toilet tool holder but we made good progress today!

We made a stop in Starbucks on the way home as I was gasping for a coffee! Craig and I used to go to Starbucks every weekend when we lived in East Kilbride. We must have saved a fortune on coffee since we moved here! Yeah I know…. most likely now spent on the pub…. 🤷🏻‍♀️🤣 alcohol free for me obviously!

So Starbucks are using a track and trace app to allow them to capture details of their customers. If you are sitting in now they ask you to go and get a table first then go up to buy your coffee, with your mask on. You then go and sit down and they bring it over to you. You only queue if you are taking it away. You then have to adhere to the instructions on the table.

We signed in and signed out of Starbucks with our phones. Very cool! Craig’s now pulling something together for the pub next door!

Hoovered our the Jeep and Craig washed it as Abbie the camper van was showing Jeepey up. He doesn’t call it Jeepey just to be clear though it has a certain ring to it. 😆

Then had to empty the hose out with evil puppy Gnasher Calaidh!!! She loves a spray with the hose and it’s so good for them in this hot weather as long as they don’t drink it.

There were 2 other dogs running about at the same time though you wouldn’t know as they don’t get a look in with Calaidh around.

I cuddle this all the time?!?!?!? 😱
Popped into the pub to meet Holly to tell her what we found in Starbucks. Craig set it all up for the pub so that we can all scan the QR code to check in to the pub. Very clever track and trace!!
I really love this as I think about people in my life all the time and don’t always tell them, people from the past, people from the present, little reminders all the time.
I think we all need this just now as our lives change due to covid and we are quick to question others decisions
I think I’m pretty good at this now
Yeah how do we explain this to kids!!!

Stay safe everyone ☀️☀️☀️