Day 139 fresh air and sunshine really knocks you out for the count! ☀️😴🥱😴☀️

10am I woke up this morning…. actual 10am. 😳 could not believe it!!! I had been out for the count since about 10.30pm the night before!! All that fresh air has done me so much good that I “musta needed it!”

Funny when you say to anyone up here that you had a really long sleep then that’s the standard answer… “you musta needed it”. So it’s 5.30pm already and it only feels like mid afternoon to me. It was that lovely subconscious sleep where I was aware of things going on around me like the bin men coming, the dogs barking, but I couldn’t open my eyes…. As soon as I saw 10.00 on the phone I actually jumped up out of bed an action that I wouldn’t recommend and nearly fell over as soon as I’d done it!

Well more of a mid morning reminder but Monday nonetheless!
The world had to wait a wee bit for my awesomeness this morning 🤭😆
Thought this was a really good explanation of why I blog…. I feel free of judgement because I put it all out there for others to understand. I can just replay and be me now
Although this is a bit negative, it’s a hard lesson to learn. Making the step away from the knocker-downers has been a huge step in my recovery. (My lovely friend Ruth just silently shook her head at my grammar there!!!) 😘
I am so grateful that I am coming out the other side of this and can truly value everything in my life, even the things that make me a bit anxious, everything is there to keep me on the right path
I have wanted to believe this for so long and yet now I can truly believe that we can have everything we want in life without having to give most of it to work for a large corporation. I’m so grateful for the chance to be able to work from home and enjoy what I’m doing.
I mean check my meadow garden… I knew it would start to flower soon…. knew it would be pretty it just took time and a whole lotta rain!

I’ve mentioned it before but there’s a lot of anger in Scottish tourism at the moment where locals are under huge pressure from the staycation Scots. There’s been som horrific mess left behind but some locals are photographing any tents and campervans they see and posting all over FB. I’ve had to leave these groups as they weren’t doing my mental health any favours. But the following made me wish I was still a member so I could post these.

Everyone is arguing and fighting and it’s only making the situation worse. Have to get my hi-vis and litter picker out again and go and make a difference.

So we have decided to finally arrange a camping trip for this weekend! What could possibly go wrong?! We are looking at a camping and Caravanning Club site as we are members and that might keep the locals at bay…. so we trialled the tent again since we sold the Roof top tent. It’s all hoovered out, aired and freshened ready to go.

Bhru’s not impressed!

Then made 3 calls for Pawsitive Solutions and the day has been my own since then. Craig’s been out at work so I have weeded the garden (not certain my lovely pink nails will thank me for it as they are not so lovely anymore…. !)

All the bramble has gone!
Rhubarb all picked

Also had a call with Claire McWilliams from Beith Trust to see how I’m getting on with volunteering. We had a good chat about how the chance to volunteer has helped my confidence grow and has helped me to start making the Pawsitive Solutions calls. She gave me some great advice on some books to read and podcasts to listen to! Also getting some training courses to do through them. All good.

I’m sitting outside at the moment… maybe a bit too much leg but the dogs heard a noise and two of them are off! Was trying to take a photo to show you I’m outside and it’s hot but it looks like the heavens are going to open!!
Ominous sky!
Which is strangely lightening up as I type. Think the rain is coming though!
The princess lying next to the beer garden as they were doing some work in there today
Noticed this clematis (I think) last night in the dying embers of the sun. It’s looking lovely against the black shed
I love this, mum and I were just talking about the tree of life today. Thought this was lovely 🌳🌳🌳🌳
A wee COVID message

We’re seeing a huge spike in new cases in the UK just now so we all have to be extra vigilant. Aberdeen and Preston are back in lockdown now.

So yeah, it’s still here, still very much around but I’m very thankful that no one I know has caught it.

Stay safe everyone ☀️☀️☀️