Day 213 training session!

Had the most amazing sleep last night, could not move this morning! Love a really deep sleep. 🛌 💤

I’d also like to point out that there has been no comfort eating either yesterday or today so far….. funny there I typed … fat! 🤣 so maybe that ariticle yesterday was just what I needed to hear?

We had a Pawsitive Solutions team meeting this morning for 4 whole hours! Learning about the different dog personalities and how to deal with them. Was really interesting.

However, since then I have hit a wall! Get the old grey matter moving for a change and I’m exhausted! 💤💤💤

In other news Mum has finally been given the all clear which is amazing news!! That’s been almost 2 months waiting on results that I honestly thought we would know the answer during her operation at the start of September!!! How wrong was I?!?

Huge relief Mum!! Love you lots 💜💜💜

I did go out with the dogs this afternoon and the sun was shining despite it being a kind of April showery kind of day. April showers in October…. whatever next?!?

It was lovely to see the sun! ☀️ I love this photo!
I love the blue skies with the low sun
Tunnel through the trees
She’s taking a photie again….. sigh!
This one made me laugh as check the shadow of the bobble hat!!

When I came back Craig was home so I grabbed the van and went down to see the chemist as I have an awfy sore ear. All my life I have struggled with headphones that go in your ears 👂 (maybe the only time I will use an ear emoji!) they have always irritated my ears and made them itchy and sore. Fast forward to now…. I’ve been wearing my AirPods when I make the Pawsitive Solutions calls! 📞 📲 my right inner ear is not happy.

At time of writing I’m lying down a bit squinty like in Gran’s chair while my ear drops settle into my ear. I need to put them in 3 to 4 times a day! It will take 5-7 days to clear and no more AirPods. 🙊

As I lie here I realise I am just really tired. That’s my problem. I feel I shouldn’t be tired and there are things I should be doing but I am. Just tired. I just need to rest. Again. And that’s ok.

Amen 🙏🏻

Stay safe everyone 💙💙💙

10 thoughts on “Day 213 training session!

  1. Great news with your mum.
    Interesting as I get really tired after training. Draining. Especially when it’s in a room full of people. Nice blog.

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  2. Can’t share this one? The 2nd tree pic sings “The long and winding road” to me🎶 thought it was only words with song associations for me. But hey ho… Now it’s also pics.

    Get Outlook for Android


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    1. Don’t know why you can’t share. Jac has and I checked and the buttons are all there. Yes I thought that too about the pic!! Xx


  3. Great news on your mum ❤️ naps are neccesary, take them when you can. My great Aunty Jessie had bad legs as she got older and she used to always say rest your legs when you can so you don’t end up like me, she was a lovely lady xx

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