Day 216 and I baked actual bread 🍞

I mean like wow…. will the real Julie A please stand up?!? Ok so I cheated and emptied a packet into the bread maker but wow!

Doesn’t it look just perfect?!

Wait until you see the reaction it got from this oot…

Gimme gimme gimme mumma?!?
Bread?!? Whassat?! (Although very unfortunate snout pic of Freya!)

So that was last nights excitement, how can I possibly top that today?!?

Someone’s alarm went off this morning…. yip and I was bright eyed and bushy tailed from that point on. I’m already social media’d out… showered, dishwasher emptied, kitchen tidied, coffee and bread cut and sampled. It’s not even 8am. I feel good. Oh and more importantly I am actually writing this already!

This really hit me this morning.

I think I have been subtracting things for the last wee while. I know that the next step needs to be becoming a doer… I just need to work through the sloth stuff to find the energy.

I have definitely got this down to a tee
The thought of this makes me feel really calm
It absolutely is. We could all do with a really good hug 🤗

So we had an appointment at Tartan Campers today to talk through the Abbie the camper van renovations. So excited that the time has finally come. She will go in on Saturday and the build will take about 2 weeks. I hope we will have her back in time for my birthday…….. we both have a week off so that would be ideal!

Here are my seat covers.

So the list of work is finalised. Cannot wait to see how it all looks when it’s finished. Very excited!!!

So the rest of the day had been a bit of a whirlwind….. the Jeep parts are wrong so I had to wheech round Glasgow trying to find the right bit but to no avail. Looks like we’re back to waiting forever more parts from America again. Pretty stressful and poor Craig is having to go out to work and try not to think of it. I’m going crochet the knots out of my mind.

Stay safe everyone ❤️❤️❤️