Day 194 impromptu catch up with old friends, bathroom shopping & trying to nap….. 😴 💤

Started an online puppy training course this morning so I’ve covered from conception to 12 weeks so far. Strange to be listening and learning again, though really interesting. Been a long….. long time!

We popped down for a socially distanced coffee with our friends in Dundonald this morning too. So great to catch up, first time for ages I reckon, but sad not to be able to hug! They gave THE best hugs pre COVID-19. Played at coffee shop takeaway with their kids which meant I got lots of biscuits. For free. What’s not to love?!? Also got to judge their art show….. clever Auntie Julie picking mummy’s pic for 1st place and the two girls as joint 2nd. Hysterically when given gold stars mummy’s had fallen into 2nd place with someone jumping to 1st as the stickers got confused. Awwwwww sweetie 💕

I have my coat on today for the first time since early spring I reckon…. it feels like Autumn is really here and the colours are changing.

Someone was gonna say “love your bush” last time I posted this 🤣🤣

We left Dundonald and drove up to Hillingdon Industrial Estate in Glasgow as we need a mirror and shower screen for the bathroom. Huge queue at the store we wanted. Thank god it’s not raining. It actually really feels quite warm in the sun… with my jumper and jacket on. Now too many clothes on in the sun?!? 🤨

They queue moved quickly despite there being 15 people in front of us and the store was busy when we went in. We didn’t buy anything but got an idea of what we need and will order on line. So was kinda worth it!

We popped into the supermarket on the way back as we had nothing in the house. I know I’ve said it before but I have no desire to eat real food just now. It’s just too hard for me to think what I want and cook it. I really must try this week to plan a proper food shop. This not eating meat malarkey is encouraging my laziness.

After putting the food shop away… I am shattered, the sun room is warm, the couch is beckoning so I do some crochet and then sit down with my latest book. I am close to the end of it so can’t wait to see what happens so I finish that before settling down to a nap.

The puppers do not want me to nap… they want to have fun…. they have been play fighting, playing with toys, bounding around with each other, barking, jumping on me. I am awake now. When the dogs are awake, everyone’s awake…. 🤣 they are now quiet. Fun has been had.

Can I squeeze some real nap in now?! I even turn down a walk with my lovely neighbour due to complete slovenliness. (Yes it would appear that is actually a word!!)

Another relaxing night for us (that’s all anyone ever does these days I guess…) preparing for the week ahead.

Stay safe everyone ❤️❤️❤️