Day 193 thinking like a Norwegian 🇳🇴 🕯 🔥

Just in case you were wondering the moon lit up the sky at 1am this morning… it was stunning….. if only I’d had my phone with me as I stepped out into the back garden?!

Who knew that was necessary. At 1am. 3 full hours after I’d gone to sleep….

Calaidh was barking incessantly at something. The dogs had to stay in the living room last night as the concrete floor is drying out in the hall way. Or maybe she was howling at the moon…. either way as soon as the door was open she didn’t move and stuck to me like glue. Not a peep out of any of them for the rest of the night. Thank you.

As the Jules forecast predicted the rain started quite early this morning and it seems to be here to stay for weeks. It has been incessant all day!

So Craig and I are going to try and “think like a Norwegian” and embrace the winter and darker nights like the Norwegian culture suggest. How long will that last?! 🇳🇴

Think like a Norwegian

One of my friends posted this on Fb and it’s really worth a read. Rather than dreading winter the Norwegians embrace it. 🇳🇴 ❤️

This is very true of mental health – the world doesn’t become all sunshine and flowers but we must learn to be happy in the storms and the dark too
Very important

And still it rains…… what a drench day! I’ve done 2 washings and they are drying by the heat of the fire. I have my Gingerbread candle on which smells amazing!

£2.99 from Home Bargains!

I’ve cleaned away most of the stoor from last week and the bathroom and hall are coming along. It was just nice to wipe up the worst of it!

Getting there!
Throne with a view!!! We’ve put them outside for now to get some space in the house. Not every day you see this….. 🚽
2 of the 3 pups are chilling with me by the fire and I am crocheting!
Craig went out to get some coal and starting using the hose…. huge concentration from the pupstars …. of course I have to distract them to look over for another pic!
The fire’s roaring the candles are lit

Day 1 of thinking like Norwegians has definitely worked for me. We have takeaway booked from the pub tonight as Holly is getting back up and running again. I’m having madras……. in front of that fire?!?! I might have to go off and find some snow to lie down in…. 🤨😂🤣

Have a great Saturday night!

Stay safe everyone 🔥🔥🔥