Day 210 feeling a bit sloth-like today… 🦥

Have no excuse to be tired…. other than trying to get to sleep with Craig’s “I’ve got a cold” snoring… I had a great nights sleep!

So yes… there is a man cold in our house just now. It’s definitely just a cold, nothing else….. he says it the same cold he’s had every year, still I’m hoping he’s not outside in this pouring rain. It’s torrential at 3.30pm!

He’s still driving Abbie the camper van as the Jeep parts haven’t arrived yet. So I’m stuck in the house. Maybe that’s what’s wrong as this is the start of the second week?

Maybe it’s not though as I do love the lockdown life. Working from home, never really having to leave suits me down to the ground!

Much excitement for our walk!
Same plod, different day!
Heading into Spiers Old school grounds
Still loving the autumnal trees but the sky is grey threatening rain…. but it’s warm and I’m getting hot hat head!!
Even more water in the burn
Moody reflections in a puddle.

Think this sums up my mood today although I can see the beauty in it.

Took this one on the way out our walk but a van had just driven through the puddle. The mood is intense though!

So I can home, made 2 calls and booked them both… BOOM!

And then I went upstairs… if you read yesterday you’ll remember that I have the spare room to tackle after the bathroom renovations. Despite selling so much on eBay last year we still have far too much “stuff”. A messy house is a messy mind.

I’m just tired.

I think that’s what’s wrong today. I feel like I should always be doing “stuff” and yet I couldn’t be bothered today.

This is the spare room!!!!! 😱😱😱
This is how I’m leaving it today

I now know what everything is… it’s still piled up but we need a reshuffle up here first before I find places for anything.

Gonna put this up for sale as we just don’t have space for it anymore

So yes, need to sell stuff and get things to charity and free up some space to free up my head.

Now this hits the nail on the head!!!
True dat!
And then this…… ❤️
The man blanket of FINISHED!!!!!! It was for Craigs birthday and I finished it on my wee brothers birthday exactly 3 months late.
Think like a Norwegian! 🇳🇴

Stay safe everyone 💜💜💜