Day 218 a huge clear out in the pouring rain! 🌧 🌧 🌧

It has not stopped raining today…. at all. I’ve done so much today that I can’t even remember this morning! Except that it rained and it poured and it was stotting down!!

I have made so much space in the house today! Auntie Jac came down with her camper van to collect the bedroom furniture which she’s gonna make use of and we took all the charity shop stuff to the wee shop down in Beith. 6 huge bags all gone!!

Here’s a wee insight to my anxiety… I would never have taken that stuff to Beith as it’s quite a wee shop with no decent parking. I’d have assumed I had too much for them and they wouldn’t have wanted what I had to give. I would have stressed about where to park, how to carry the stuff in blah blah blah.

Bags in the van, masks on and she stops outside the charity shop and I run it all in. Job done. No stress, no issues, done ✅

Then we went to Gayle’s shop for a wee nosy!

Check out the little gift shop it’s just the best!!! Got some lovely Christmas cards… yip really. They are amazing and when they’re gone they are gone…. I never buy Christmas stuff this early.

Had a lot of things on my FB feed that have really made me think of my current situation and my move towards the puppy training.

I’m not sure I have the energy to make and learn from any mistakes these days, but it’s telling me that I need to take a step out of where I am just now and know that I can do it to make it happen.

I am trying to let it all go but it just keeps wheeching back at the moment!!

So I’m crocheting in front of a movie while Craig’s at work. I’ve made calls this afternoon and am now zonked!

Got my lovely Partylite candles lit above the fireplace
Have the pups laid out on the floor

We’re all thinking like Norwegians.

Stay safe everyone ❤️❤️❤️