Day 211 a wee unexpected shopping trip 🛍 💕

THE 6AM ALARM WENT OFF THIS MORNING……… just saying…….. again……….

So I lay awake between 6 & 7 and then conked out until 8am!! It’s pouring with rain again here today.

So Auntie Jac was gonna come down one day to meet for a coffee as Craig was using Abbie the Camper van for work and I was stuck in the house. She’d said either Wednesday or Thursday so I left it until Tuesday to decide. Craig’s job cancelled at the last minute and he’s been loaded with the cold so it gave him a day in bed. Have wheels will travel!!!

Made a big thing of announcing to Craig and the dogs that I loved them very much but that I was also off out for a day and it was so exciting!!

We met in Braehead shopping centre at 10am. I had straightened my hair, “dressed up” which means not in jammies or joggies and wore a jacket for the first time this year! Also wore my Doc Marten boots which were only ever for special occasions… of which there are now none. So going out to the shops is now a special occasion. Of course I also had the trusty new hat to keep my hair dry.

Me today 🤣

So coffee first in Cafe Nero as Jac like the strongest coffee in the world! Then off to Primark for the first time since before COVID-19 hit……. we were in there for hours!! Now to be fair we did meet my lovely mother-in-law Helen so it was like a wee mini family reunion! We can stand in a shop and chat with masks on. But we can’t all go and have a coffee together. There also no hugging and kissing like we would all have normally done. That part feels really rude as I was always a hugger.

By the time we came out of Primark I think it was about 1.30pm! Back to Café Nero for lunch. Hard work this shopping malarkey.

I didn’t feel stressed in the shops today. Was the same with mum in Livingston the other week. I think I’m getting used to the new normal… having to follow arrows all over the shops. It’s just what we do now. As we came down the escalator Jac commented that you would never have believed this time last year what would happen this year. Everyone was walking about wearing masks 😷 everyone. It’s so surreal.

In a total change of subject I realised I have forgotten to tell you about Bob.

We found Bob in our back garden on Sunday!

“Hi I am Bob and I do look a bit scary but I am deffently nice” 🎈what a strange but lovely thing to find!

I should add here that in checking actual Bob for the spelling of “definitely”…. I just burst him….. yip. BOOM!!!! 💥 Hmmmm… he’s lived in our kitchen since Sunday and was shrivelling some so I guess his time has come. 🙊

As you know I’ve been avoiding Coronavirus news but I just clicked into Sky to have a check and saw the following…. should note it as this blog was originally to be about life in COVID-19 times:

Not good at all.

So yes this last 6 months has changed our lives forever and it almost doesn’t bear thinking about or dwelling upon as we will all go crazy. I read that mental health stats show increasing cases as people struggle to deal with the the new normal. I’m doing ok just now and think this has come at a crossroads in my life where it’s just become another part of the changes I have been going to through.

This came up on my FB from 2017. Check us!! Life before my breakdown.

I went off sick a year later. I gave up drink to help my depression. I’m now 4 stone heavier and I look back at this girl and wonder who she was. But she was me. My life is so much richer now that I have learned to say no, learned to walk away and learned that life without a high-flying corporate job is a breath of fresh air. I’m in control of my own destiny and it feels so good.

Stay safe everyone 💙💙💙