Day 197 next step in my journey as it’s my last day volunteering 💗

So yes… I have decided to stop volunteering with Beith Trust now that I am embarking on some Pawsitive Solutions puppy training. Today was my last day snd I felt a bit “covered in emulsion” as I did my rounds.

The Beith Trust gave me an opportunity when I was feeling pretty raw and I remember coming home the first day is floods of tears as it had been so nerve wracking. I was reminded of that by Claire next door first thing this morning when she messaged to say how proud she is that I am taking the next step, she found a message from back after the first day of deliveries so she could send me it to compare I needed that.

Volunteering did exactly what I needed it to do and gave me the confidence to get back out into the world and talk to people.

I’ve met some wonderful folk, everyone was so kind. I’ve even learned my way around our home town for the first time in 5 years!

I have to be honest and say that I do feel like I’m giving it my all just now and I’m shattered. Some days every simple thing seems much harder than other days. I have a tiredness that rest does not seem to refresh. No amount of sleep is enough. But I’m ok and I will feel better tomorrow or the next day.

This a really important thought as everything happens for a reason
I know this is true it’s just hard to be back here again

Not sure I know where the afternoon went. I got home at 12.30pm snd had lunch and tried to chill a bit. Then had a nail appointment at 3.15 so have lovely wine colour toes…. then back home to bed to try and sleep this off. I kid you not the bathroom guy must have shouted me 4 times since I lay down…. it’s 6pm already, not slept a wink. On the plus side the bathroom snd hall are coming on in leaps and bounds!

Love love love

There has been a big covid announcement in Scotland today where pubs have to close from Friday at 6pm for 16 days. Some gyms are closing too…..

I’ll cover that tomorrow when I have a bit more time. Off to crochet at 7 for the last time in a good few weeks… it’s sad that we seem to be going backwards but it is what it is I guess. Better to be safe than catch it.

Was just waiting on the last pic to upload as they take ages, feeling pretty worry for myself as I can hear folk next door in the pub having a laugh… as I’ve said before when you don’t drink there is nothing that drowns your sorrows. You just she. To face everything head on… and with pizza and chocolate.

Then this happened!

My friend Diana called from the States. We have never met. We are friends through the After Dry January group on FB snd have got on great since we virtually “met”! She is out on a lake on a paddle board for the first time in her life! The sun is shining, she’s in shorts, the water isn’t too cold and she is just in awe at the beauty around her. She said she has about 400 contacts that she could have called and she thought of me. She said the powers that be told her to call me. So lovely of her.

I am so grateful to everyone for their comments on the blog and their personal messages. I hope you all know how much it helps 💕

Stay safe everyone 🧶 💗 🧶