Day 202 a busy day!

It was a soggy soggy walk this morning. That kind of rain that soaks you as Gran would say… 💜

The chapel in autumn
You can see the old house in the distance through the autumn trees
Love the colours 🍂🍂🍂

We walked through Gielsland estate on the way to Spiers School Grounds.

Sniffing big style
🍁 🍂 🍁
Beautiful walk even in the rain
The rain bring growth 🌧
Yes this is me!

So spent the day making calls until about 3pm when I decided to have a shower and clean the bathroom at the same time. Multi-tasking at its best! So the new bathroom is stoorless finally!!! It took some scrubbing but it felt good.

I then went to the hall and hoovered the walls!!!! I actually hoovered the walls…….. the house is that bad! So I only made a wee dent in it but it’s a start.

So I just want to say that I have the best friends in the world… honestly. One of the ladies I deliver to turns 80 tomorrow and I have all this below to give her….

Cards, presents, some HANDMADE chocolates and a stunning birthday cake with her name on it. I mean WOW!!

I can’t wait to see her face when I drop them off in the morning. I hope she has a lovely day with her family but if she doesn’t have anyone turn up then she can sit snd slowly work through everyone’s cards…

Thanks to everyone who’s helped make her day special!

Stay safe everyone 💜💜💜