Day 216 thankfully much less ratty today 🥴 maybe a bit meh instead?!

Well if that’s the case then I’m the bravest person ever as here I am rambling on about it every day. To anyone who will listen!!

You’ll be pleased to know I’m not Ratty McRatface today. I’m still not jumping through hoops of wondrous excitement but I’m much calmer than I was yesterday. I have a cold coming on. I’ve a scratchy throat… and I’m shattered.

I had the weirdest dream last night, mystery, murder, you name it, just weird…. maybe there is a movie sitting up in this brain of my mine just waiting to be penned. So vivid yet so weird. Was in bed before 9 again and could hardly keep my eyes open to read. Out for the count all night except for the overnight counter espionage movie being written in my head?!?!?

So this morning I went for two dog walks in quick succession. The Rambling Sloth has a burst of exercise and yes I’ve been paying for it ever since. Sloth came back with a vengeance!! 🦥

Trying to get Calaidh out on her own to let her off lead more and get a good run. Thinks she’s putting on the beef a bit (yes I know just like her mumma!!)

Just me and my girl out for the first walk. It’s pouring with rain!!

Everything looks really bright and fresh this morning despite the rain… the colours seem as vibrant as ever.

Into Spier’s Old School Grounds
So many colours!
The leaves on the ground are lovely 🍁 🍃
The Japanese tree has turned colour too
Almost orange 🍊
I took hundreds of pictures this morning!
Mellow yellow

Then back home to drop her off and pick up Bhruic & Freya.

Posing in front of a scary tree!
It did start to brighten up a bit
The moody puddle shot again!
Freya being a good girl waiting to go into the field to play!
Stunning colours
Dark skies
Bhruic close up!!
Freya with a wee leaf 🍂 hanging out her mouth!!
Leafy carpet 🍃 🍁 🍂
More trees!
The rain was coming in from the coast, just made it home in time!
Another scary tree but with the blue sky behind it!

Pawsitive Solutions calls this afternoon interspersed with some hoovering. Oooh that was a big word. Washing’s on waiting to be hung up to dry. Productive day!

So I’ve had a wee chill on Grans chair, gonna go do some more calls then switch off for a bit. Might even have a wee nap. It’s 4.30pm and it’s getting dark.

Stay safe everyone ❤️🧡💛