Day 205 what a beautiful day! ☀️ ☀️ ☀️

Can I just say I have had a lovely day today. A lovely, lovely day. 🧡

Sunrise over the back fence

The sun was shining, what an amazing boost to my mood just by the weather. It was so calm, so quiet and so lovely in the sun. I made the most of being outside throughout the day.

First thing I did this morning was to prep dinner in the slow cooker…. I mean check me?!?!?!?!? Vegan stew! A 1kg bag of veg for stew, a sachet of flavour mix and quorn fillets added at the end. That’s exactly how my food needs to be. Easy, no prep but with a hearty snd wholesome outcome!

So I carried on with my housework this morning, sorted out some more things in the bathrooms and tidied about in the house. I took loads of things down to the shed, loaded up all the bins with rubbish that was lying around and did that dreadful poo pick job… but the sun was lovely and I was enjoying being outside.

Sat and had a coffee and my mum called the minute I took my first sip. Great timing. Had a lovely chat with her and it helped me sit still for a bit!

My view as we chatted! Sun so much lower in the sky just now

I tidied up bits of the garden… at this point I should pause…. Craig will read this and think I finally tackled all the weeding…. hmmmm nope not yet….. Soon…. Maybe…

I tried to clean up the mess on the patio left by bathroom guy, got the garden brush out and the dogs went nuts at that for a bit! Always good to tire them out!

Then decided to take the dogs out for their walk while it was still nice.

Check me… no harnesses on dogs…. not much pulling going on!
Took pics of lots more trees!!
Amazing how the lower autumn sun shows a tree into the sun and then from the other side… from spooky to sunny!
Just to prove my point!
They’re checking their pee-mail while I enjoy the lovely view!

There were no enquiry calls today until 3pm so I did them and then had a walk with Claire into Beith. A good exercise and chat!

The aforementioned vegan stew

Should add here that the sachet of flavouring was chicken with red wine. A vegan and a sober person should be having neither but hey I might just have to change the name Vegan Stew 😂

I’ve gone from walking around in a T-shirt today to thinking like a Norwegian and enjoying the peace in front of the fire with the candles lit…. I feel truly grateful for everything today. The calm, the warm of the sun, the relaxation despite everything I was doing. More of the same again tomorrow please?!?

Stay safe everyone 🧡☀️🧡