Day 213 training session!

Had the most amazing sleep last night, could not move this morning! Love a really deep sleep. 🛌 💤

I’d also like to point out that there has been no comfort eating either yesterday or today so far….. funny there I typed … fat! 🤣 so maybe that ariticle yesterday was just what I needed to hear?

We had a Pawsitive Solutions team meeting this morning for 4 whole hours! Learning about the different dog personalities and how to deal with them. Was really interesting.

However, since then I have hit a wall! Get the old grey matter moving for a change and I’m exhausted! 💤💤💤

In other news Mum has finally been given the all clear which is amazing news!! That’s been almost 2 months waiting on results that I honestly thought we would know the answer during her operation at the start of September!!! How wrong was I?!?

Huge relief Mum!! Love you lots 💜💜💜

I did go out with the dogs this afternoon and the sun was shining despite it being a kind of April showery kind of day. April showers in October…. whatever next?!?

It was lovely to see the sun! ☀️ I love this photo!
I love the blue skies with the low sun
Tunnel through the trees
She’s taking a photie again….. sigh!
This one made me laugh as check the shadow of the bobble hat!!

When I came back Craig was home so I grabbed the van and went down to see the chemist as I have an awfy sore ear. All my life I have struggled with headphones that go in your ears 👂 (maybe the only time I will use an ear emoji!) they have always irritated my ears and made them itchy and sore. Fast forward to now…. I’ve been wearing my AirPods when I make the Pawsitive Solutions calls! 📞 📲 my right inner ear is not happy.

At time of writing I’m lying down a bit squinty like in Gran’s chair while my ear drops settle into my ear. I need to put them in 3 to 4 times a day! It will take 5-7 days to clear and no more AirPods. 🙊

As I lie here I realise I am just really tired. That’s my problem. I feel I shouldn’t be tired and there are things I should be doing but I am. Just tired. I just need to rest. Again. And that’s ok.

Amen 🙏🏻

Stay safe everyone 💙💙💙