Day 219 these days are sent to try us?!? Sure I’ve called a blog this before?! 🙈🙊

So yeah after yesterday’s rain it’s been a lovely day. Cold but bright and sunny. Even now at 4.20pm it’s a clear bright sky but there’s no sun left in the garden. In the summer we get the sun until about 8.30 at night!

Dog walk 7.20am
Can you see the rainbow 🌈
Lovely autumnal colours
The cheeky pair
This tree almost had all its leaves still!
Memorial Hall Gateside over an autumnal hedge

It’s been a busy week and I’ve been a bit all over the place. Today was all about Jeepey McJeepface and now we are proud temporary owners of some kind of Citroeney thing. That shows you how well the Jeep is doing. 🙈🙊

Every time there’s an issue with the Jeep we struggle to get the right parts. Our garage just tells us what they need and we try to source them. The positive here is we can get them cheaper. The negative being that they are only cheap when we can find them first……… 🤦🏻‍♀️

So today’s mercy run to pick up the new part was a disaster as it wasn’t the same as the bit I have out of the Jeep. So another part on order with with ETA of Tuesday.

Abbie the camper van should go into to Tartan Campers tomorrow afternoon for her renovations next week so it would mean we would have no car next week and Craig had loads of jobs booked in!!!

So yeah just a few additional stressors that I haven’t dealt with in my stride.

These are the learning curves that help you heal but I’m just over the learning curves. it’s just a wee blip that will be yesterday’s news in a few days. I know that but it actually I just feel burst tonight.

Have kinesiology in the morning so that’s great. Shelagh will fix me. Sorry for moaning. I just need to dust myself down and pick myself back up. My anxiety is tricking me into believing that I can’t…..

Stay safe everyone 💛🧡❤️