Day 203 we made an 80 yr old lady very happy today! 🥳 🎂 🎉

I made a list last night before I went to bed as I had a lot of things rumbling around in my head. So gym boy got up in the middle of the night but my newly set alarm 🚨 went off at 7am. Up, dressed and onto the list. Had loads done by 8am in time for coffee ☕️.

I don’t have any photos from my visit to the birthday girl this morning but all I can say is the generosity of my friends overwhelmed her and she she’d a wee tear when she saw how much I had taken with me. All the cards, gifts, the handmade chocolates and the cake. She was just speechless. Kept shaking her head. I have to say that I love making other people happy and making them feel special. I think we helped to make her day that bit more memorable.

I only saw her for 5 mins as her family were arriving and they were all going out for lunch.

Carol-ann’s handmade chocolates! 🍫
Eleanor’s handmade and decorated cake! 🎂

So yes it felt really good to surprise her.

Came home via the Little Coffee Caravan which is not on the way home but that’s not the point!!

Bhru eying up my Victoria Sponge!

Victoria sponge reminds me of my grandad who died in 1984 when I was 12. He loved a Victoria sponge and mum used to make it foe him a lot!

So back home and calls to be made then took the dogs out after lunch. I may have one of two cloud pictures again… what is it with clouds that draw me to them?!?

View over the field to Arran
Bhruic found a stick 🦯
Calais wants said stick 🦯
Calaidh now happy!
Loving the clouds ⛅️ and colours
Spooky tree 🌳
The sun 🌞 trying to get it’s hat on!
My healing journey trees from a new angle. Look at the colours?!
Arty tree shot 😆
Lovely to see Calaidh play. I didn’t throw this for her… she was throwing it about herself!
I just kept snapping, it was like she was doing a photo shoot!!
Check the dirty, wet, Sleeping Beauties now!

I only had 4 calls to make today and yet it managed to grow into about 6 or 7! Not complaining honestly. Now sat down in Grans chair with my feet up for a wee rest.

I still need to build some me time into each day as I can’t keep going without it. But that’s ok…

All in all, I’m tired, but I feel good today. I feel positive and happy and again heading in the right direction. Long may it continue… 💜

Stay safe everyone 💜💜💜