Day 206 another lovely day! ☀️☀️☀️

The sun was shining again….. wow! Didn’t sleep the best last night but up with the doors open and coffee. Boy it was fresh…. some would say freezing?!

Did a fair bit more cleaning today. Still got areas of the house that are covered in dust and then I think by dusting I can it landing back on the bits I’ve just done. I cleared through all my bathroom stuff today and we had a wee chat about a storage solution using old apple crates we have in the house. Will see what we can come up with this weekend! Well… what Craig can come up with… none of this “we”…. 😁

I love this autumnal sun. Hazy but warm.
Just the 3 of us today as Calaidh was at work with Craig. (on a re-red I just noticed their giant wolf shadows 🐺 🐺

Would like to point out that we managed to pass 2 huge horses on the narrowest part of the road without a single sound from number 2 &3 pups. The lady on the horse said they were very good dogs. Not gonna lie I was sooooooo proud of them. Dog walking whilst listening to calming podcasts seems to be good for me. The dogs are calm and chilled on their walk.

Spiers old school grounds gates
So beautiful 🍂
More spooky trees
This just took my breath away… the colours are amazing at this time of year 🍂 💙💚
Sun breaking through the branches
I love this picture… they look like they are having a chat…. what they are actually saying is “she’s bloody well taking another photo….”
The clouds were so unusual ⛅️
Sat and had a coffee with this view again

I realise how lucky we are to have this view from our garden.

Then dragged myself away back to the dusting and cleaning…. am enjoying it though as it feels like I’m getting somewhere.

Made some calls. Set some boundaries… boundaries which some people will be very proud of… myself included. I didn’t answer a call at 4.30 as I had shut up shop for the day. Everything was closed down and tidied away for the weekend. The old me would never have done that. I’d have opened it all back up again….. not this time though, things have changed and I can’t work all day just because people might call out with the hours I’ve chose to work. Check me.

Also… check me with dinner for a second day in a row. All thrown into a pan from packets but fresh and healthy. I even know what’s for dinner over the next few days rather than the contents of my fridge being a blur. I’m not sure how this has changed other than I must be allowing it to come into focus?

For those of you who know our dogs well…. this will make you laugh. Freya eating Bhru!

Maybe now apologising?!?

So I’ve been sitting in Grans chair reading my book for the last few hours. I have the wood burning stove on, my gingerbread candle and the wee lights on out the back. I’m loving the chance to coorie in although I got so hot I had to open the doors again before I passed out. Maybe took the heat too far!?!? 🔥🔥🔥

I think the Norwegians would approve!

Stay safe everyone 💡💡💡