Day 208 tackling jobs I’ve been putting off 🤦🏻‍♀️😊

I love this idea. My new approach to life I think


Just thought this was worthwhile in case he hadn’t remembered 🤣🤣. Two days in a row… wide awake at 6am. To be fair I never got up until 9 as I have a new book and read for a while.

I’m really into books 📚 just now. For a long time when I was “off sick” I couldn’t read anything. I couldn’t focus long enough to read a sentence never mind a book. It’s something I’m really enjoying getting back into.

So breaking news today…. we ordered our Christmas Day lunch. 🎄 Yes I said the C word in my blog. I’m not a fan of Christmas much these days but will try to make this one a bit special. We’ve assumed that we won’t be able to go anywhere this year so have ordered food from Morrisons. We saved about £80 as we were about to buy from Marks & Spencer’s then thought to check a supermarket at the last minute. Ok it’s not gonna be as posh but it still look damn good. I have lots of veggie food on order too.

Then….. I decided to tackle the weeds. Honestly I saw some blue sky and it was clear and calm and I thought I’ll sneak up on the weeds and see how I get on.


Note that the old pond to the left of the photo is now filled with dead weeds. Let me tell you a story about that…. my clever husband decided to burn them….. with fuel ⛽️ there was a HUGE “whump” as the petroleum ignited and a huge fireball 🔥. The “whump” brought the neighbours running to find out what it was. I would have taken a picture if I wasn’t standing with a cup of tea and coffee in either hand and so shocked and rooted to the spot. Takes a lot to shut me up…

Needless to say…. the giant pile of weeds are still there. The hose was needed to calm the fireball! 🔥 🚒

Also my weeding could have been better but I lost the will towards the end. It’s a lot better than it was.

So now the next job I’ve been putting off for ages… stitching 🧵 in the loose ends of Craigs crochet 🧶 blanket remember I said I wanted to finish it for his birthday in July…. I didn’t.

So yea we’re watching movies now and I’m stitching away.

Calaidh in all her glory!
Check Bhru’s little tongue sticking out… bless

I’m avoiding all things COVID-19 at the moment which is a huge part of why I started the blog. Safe to say we’re stuck in the house with nowhere much to go but it’s kinda how I like it.

I love the calm and the peaceful. I love being able to choose what I want to do each day. I am happy I know what’s for dinner each day. I am so grateful to be calm. 🧡

This might seem a bit freaky but I think it’s true of me now.
I honestly want to stop looking back now.
Now this one is huge.

Stay safe everyone 🔥🔥🔥