Day 215 and boy am I Ratty McRatface today?!? 🐀 🤬😡🤯🐀

The clocks went back last night so yay… we have an extra hour in 2020 and I am ratty….. So ratty that I just can’t seem to unrat at all.

Craig is trying…. no I mean in all seriousness he is actually being pretty good with me in trying to make me smile. I’m just so overwhelmed by all the stuff we have and not being able to clear through it. I have stuff to bin, stuff to sell, stuff for charity and I’ve nowhere to put any of it. I no sooner move something than something else takes it’s place.

Inside my head feels like a wee kid having a tantrum because I don’t want to have to deal with this today.

Just as well coz I ain’t blooming today….

As soon as I wrote that down it calmed my head. It was ridiculous. My anxiety allowed me to be overwhelmed by the size of the job which just needed broken into manageable chunks and it didn’t all need doing today. I am very bad for wanting to do a million things but actually being tired and needing to rest.

Which can only mean I am the cause of my stress just now
Today I am the Tasmanian Devil 👿

I wonder how much of this stems from yesterday? The puppy job went well and it was good to be in training as the lovely wee lad had some teeth on him and wasn’t afraid to use them.

I am still out of my comfort zone and despite not being nervous or worried I do go over everything in my head a thousand times… will I know what to do, will I be able to control a boisterous pup, will I… will I…. will I….

I know I can. I know I will be able to.

The most important rule of life!

So I put more furniture up for sale today. Despite my head being all over the place I’ve still actually achieved a lot.

The spare bed is going!
Along with my beloved chest of drawers. A huge part of my life but it’s time to move on
My shoe cupboard !! Or a tv cabinet… whatever anyone wants it to be
2 beside drawers to match the big unit

All are up for sale and I’ve taken the Laura Ashley unit off as we are going to keep that one now. Jeezo you’ve got to be fast to keep up with us?!?

This is all for charity
I need to practice this more often

Another good reason for this blog… I realise that all the craziness is unnecessary as probably achieved a lot more than some people did today. Maybe just not the repainting of the Forth Rail Bridge as I had planned 🤦🏻‍♀️…….but it is enough. It’s more than enough.

So let this be a Sunday evening reminder to us all that we can tackle anything life throws at us this week.

Ratty McRatface is no more thankfully. It’s 4.20pm and it’s almost dark and that reminds me… Claire sent me something today on the “think like a Norwegian” vein…

Tonight I will embrace the winter darkness and find comfort and warmth in life’s simple pleasures…. a good book in front of the fire. 🔥

Stay safe everyone 🔥🔥🔥