Day 201 SOLD THE BEETLE 🥳🥳🥳 and Macmillan afternoon tea!

Would just like to start off by letting you know that we had a huge monster in the garden last night about 3.30am…. obviously… given the barking from the pups. Honestly they went nuts at something…. not conducive to a restful sleep 🛌 😴 💤

So had someone coming to look at the Beetle today and she bought it!!! I am now Beetleless which is not a word. But I am.

It was a beautiful day!

Here are my 2 babies before the wee one left! I took her for a run to the Co-op this morning just to make sure the brakes weren’t sticking as she’s been sitting still for so long. Will really miss the drive. Honestly that car corners like it’s on rails. So great to drive.

I was outside from 11am and the couple didn’t turn up until about 12.15pm.

Holly next door and her friend Debbie run a Macmillan Cancer Support afternoon tea every year and this year was to be no exception. The difference was it was a takeaway or home delivery. A great idea!

Whipping yet more cream!
Here’s Lynsey picking up hers!
Huge selection of cakes.

We were actually giving out 6 cakes per person as we had so many!! I’m not sure if I’ll ever want to see cakes ever again….

Socially distanced team pic!!

At first count I think they’ve made over £2,800 which is amazing as last year we were around the £1500 mark I think!

So I’m awfy tired! It’s been a busy few days and thankfully I’ve been feeling more calm. So I plan not to move for the rest of the night. And relax!!

Stay safe everyone 💚💚💚