Day 196 a wee quickie ooh er missus 😆🤣

Another meh day today I think. Didn’t sleep well and felt sick through the night. Have felt squeamish all day snd yet am still able to eat ok just something not sitting right with me.

Went to cash and carry with Holly this morning as she needed the van as she had so much stuff to get. She is running a takeaway Macmillan coffee afternoon from the pub on Sunday. She has 150 to make!!! No wonder we needed Abbie the camper van for deliveries!

The bathroom guy is still here so the dogs had to be out in the garden for a bit today. I love the fact that when I came home and was talking to Craig… they sussed they could still be involved from outside!

Check the cheeky chops!

So a good day work wise, booked in 4 dog behaviour jobs but overcompensating for my anxiety I talked WAY too much…. surely not I hear you all say?!?!? 🥴😆

I don’t do this anymore but I used to every day… how many of you do this now?!

Claire and I met for a dog walk after her work and it started to rain the minute we met. One of us was prepared for rain, one of us just couldn’t be bothered!

Cheesy grin though like something the cat dragged in!!
The sky did do some amazing stuff
The girls had a good run
The light was amazing with the sun on the green grass but the dark navy clouds in the distance
I think I’m just running on a bit of overload just now. I’m tired…

Stay safe everyone 💜💜💜