Day 212 where did the day go?!? 💨 💨

No I don’t have wind…. that was the speed of the day… passed in a pfffft…. I’m digging deeper now, I know I am.

Anyway after an hour awake at 5am due to the worst dreams imaginable, I finally woke up just before 8. Craig utters the words… “ you’re grouchy today aren’t you!” eh yessiree!!!

In a vain attempt to stay calm at my rising grouchy levels I started reading articles from the Happiful app.

If you’ve not come across it, check it out. It’s full of lovely articles, suggests books to read and podcasts to listen to. I believe they have a YouTube channel as well which I must check out.

So I read an article today on comfort eating…. which is emotional or over eating. Who me?! moi? Surely not…… but this article really struck a chord with me as it suggests there must be some discomfort behind comfort eating.

The idea is to get to the bottom of your comfort eating so that you can stop it. It’s not just a question of jumping on a diet or upping exercise. It’s deeper seated than that.

The article suggests it could be boredom that leads to overeating and since I stopped drinking I would say that’s probably true. When I would relax and chill with a glass of wine, I now sit with snacks. I am not hungry. I am not feeding my hunger. I’m trying to feel better. Subsequently of course it makes me feel worse as I then berate myself for what I’ve eaten.

The aim is to get you thinking about what you’re actually eating and why.

It’s worked today. I don’t know the reason for my discomfort but in thinking about it today I haven’t felt the need to comfort eat.

I was a very lucky girl and got two lovely cookies from Claire that I have eaten but it was with a coffee and I enjoyed them and savoured them.
Almost forgot to take a photo! So lovely eh?!

So I’ve walked the dogs (no pics SHOCK HORROR!!) made lots of calls today and booked 2 jobs. I’ve also applied for charity exemption with Scottish Water for the village hall and I’ve put two things up for sale on FB buy and sell. Check me….

The wee under sink unit we were going to use in the bathroom
And the Laura Ashley coffee table!

More to come soon as I clear out the spare room. Another day…… 🤣

Very good way to look at things….
Again…. wow 😯

So in an attempt to not overeat…. Craig stopped at the Forum Cafe in Kilmarnock on the way home from work. He brought us 4 flavours of forum ice cream!! Millionaires shortbread, Condensed Milk, Vanilla and Scottish tablet flavours. I am in ice cream 🍨 heaven right now…

I needed to be reminded of this too

I will leave you while I enjoy my ice cream. Wow 🤩

Stay safe everyone 🍦 🍦 🍦