Day 220 Kinesiology today! I went in like a tornado 🌪 came out like a gentle breeze but it’s blawin’ a hoolie outside today!

It’s been horrific weather today. Surprised this storm doesn’t have a name or maybe I’ve just missed it. It’s been way worse here than some of the named storms we’ve had that have come to nothing.

So up and out with the dogs sharp today. Was walking by 8am which is kinda unheard of for me on a Saturday but it’s nice to be out before anyone else. It’s just dull….

Still lovin’ my hat!
So off we plod out on the main road this time
How bored was I this morning looking for photo opps?!
This tree would have been lovely in the sun
Walking thru Geilsland
The cloud was just hanging over us
Spooky tree for all the spooky tree lovers and besides it’s Halloween 🎃 👻

So as I said the cloud was just hanging over us and I’m afraid that summed up exactly how I was feeling. I’ve been totally overwhelmed the last few days and my anxiety has been at fever pitch.

With hindsight it’s been building up for a few weeks and I’ve felt out of control this week. I’m back to not eating properly, no meals just snacks, can’t think straight and catastrophising everything. Tears. A whole lotta tears. My confidence is back to a “lack of” and I’ve just been in a tailspin. It’s like a tornado in the brain. Everything short circuits and sparks and nothing makes sense.

The wee Citroeney thing was not happy in the driving rain and cross winds on the way to Dalry this morning but we got there!

The start of a kinesiology session is a catch up on how I’ve been for the last month. Poor Shelagh got a garbled blurb thrown at her from all angles. You get up onto the bed and lie down while we start the session and already I can see myself from the outside and how bad I was. I sounded like a maniac.

I’m already calmer. Her session starts with balancing your body chakras. With her hands on my head I felt everything calming and unravelling.

I love this! Especially as it uses wool!!

This is exactly how it feels. I can see the tailspin I was in and also understand that when it gets that bad I do struggle to get myself out of it. That will come.

I’ve just been so upset that I’ve felt bad again as I feel like I’ve had enough learning curve!! Why does my mind melt in difficult situations? Why do I give up, why do I think I’m not worthy when I know that I am. It’s all just triggers. I know that I’m very lucky to be finding out about all these so they can be fixed but I would really just like a break where I can feel “normal”…. whatever that is.

So in other less self indulgent and moaning news I have sold the double bed frame upstairs! It’s gone and so are all the mattresses that we’ve been storing for so long! I am decluttering!!! (This morning you’d think I’d been asked to climb Everest when the guy messaged to see if he could get it today!!)

From left top to bottom via right hand pic!! Always a pupper to help in this house!
Then some other puppy cuddles

So in true Norwegian style, the fire is on, the candles are lit and I have my comfies on. (Hmmmm I always have comfies on these days but hey…)

I’m having an alcohol free Punk IPA from BrewDog. That was some Saturday but it’s over now. Cannot recommend Shelagh Cumming’s kinesiology enough.

Onwards and upwards

Stay safe everyone ❤️🧡❤️

Day 219 these days are sent to try us?!? Sure I’ve called a blog this before?! 🙈🙊

So yeah after yesterday’s rain it’s been a lovely day. Cold but bright and sunny. Even now at 4.20pm it’s a clear bright sky but there’s no sun left in the garden. In the summer we get the sun until about 8.30 at night!

Dog walk 7.20am
Can you see the rainbow 🌈
Lovely autumnal colours
The cheeky pair
This tree almost had all its leaves still!
Memorial Hall Gateside over an autumnal hedge

It’s been a busy week and I’ve been a bit all over the place. Today was all about Jeepey McJeepface and now we are proud temporary owners of some kind of Citroeney thing. That shows you how well the Jeep is doing. 🙈🙊

Every time there’s an issue with the Jeep we struggle to get the right parts. Our garage just tells us what they need and we try to source them. The positive here is we can get them cheaper. The negative being that they are only cheap when we can find them first……… 🤦🏻‍♀️

So today’s mercy run to pick up the new part was a disaster as it wasn’t the same as the bit I have out of the Jeep. So another part on order with with ETA of Tuesday.

Abbie the camper van should go into to Tartan Campers tomorrow afternoon for her renovations next week so it would mean we would have no car next week and Craig had loads of jobs booked in!!!

So yeah just a few additional stressors that I haven’t dealt with in my stride.

These are the learning curves that help you heal but I’m just over the learning curves. it’s just a wee blip that will be yesterday’s news in a few days. I know that but it actually I just feel burst tonight.

Have kinesiology in the morning so that’s great. Shelagh will fix me. Sorry for moaning. I just need to dust myself down and pick myself back up. My anxiety is tricking me into believing that I can’t…..

Stay safe everyone 💛🧡❤️

Day 218 a huge clear out in the pouring rain! 🌧 🌧 🌧

It has not stopped raining today…. at all. I’ve done so much today that I can’t even remember this morning! Except that it rained and it poured and it was stotting down!!

I have made so much space in the house today! Auntie Jac came down with her camper van to collect the bedroom furniture which she’s gonna make use of and we took all the charity shop stuff to the wee shop down in Beith. 6 huge bags all gone!!

Here’s a wee insight to my anxiety… I would never have taken that stuff to Beith as it’s quite a wee shop with no decent parking. I’d have assumed I had too much for them and they wouldn’t have wanted what I had to give. I would have stressed about where to park, how to carry the stuff in blah blah blah.

Bags in the van, masks on and she stops outside the charity shop and I run it all in. Job done. No stress, no issues, done ✅

Then we went to Gayle’s shop for a wee nosy!

Check out the little gift shop it’s just the best!!! Got some lovely Christmas cards… yip really. They are amazing and when they’re gone they are gone…. I never buy Christmas stuff this early.

Had a lot of things on my FB feed that have really made me think of my current situation and my move towards the puppy training.

I’m not sure I have the energy to make and learn from any mistakes these days, but it’s telling me that I need to take a step out of where I am just now and know that I can do it to make it happen.

I am trying to let it all go but it just keeps wheeching back at the moment!!

So I’m crocheting in front of a movie while Craig’s at work. I’ve made calls this afternoon and am now zonked!

Got my lovely Partylite candles lit above the fireplace
Have the pups laid out on the floor

We’re all thinking like Norwegians.

Stay safe everyone ❤️❤️❤️

Day 217 lovely wee shopping day with mum 🛍 🛍

Despite the Jeep’s attempt at ruining all my plans this week I still managed to meet mum for a few hours in Braehead shopping centre. Just had to get Abbie the camper back in time for Craig to go to work. It all worked out well except poor mum had to drive all the way over here!

After a late night last night (10.50pm!!!) unheard of for me these days… and mostly due to waiting for Craig to come home so we could have a mutual rage at how hard it seems to be to get parts fo the Jeep… anyway, the point to this is that I was still awake at 6.30am.

Got up, showered and washed my hair…. must be a special day…. and finished some dog behaviour work that I started last night.

Set off just after 9.30 after waiting to see if I had to go to Paisley to pick up a Jeep part but no, my services were not required and I was free to leave 👋🏼

We had coffee then a wee wander round the shops and got my birthday present! As a kid I always wanted ankle boots 🥾 for my birthday, must have been that time of year that I just needed new boots so I got them again this year. Why break a long tradition 🤣🤣 love them and want to wear them now but trying to forget they are there 🤣🤣

We went into Costa for a bite of lunch. There was a very strict one way system of entry and exit. We went up to the “entrance only” to have a couple appear from the other side (the exit!) and get into the queue just before us. The guy then told us that was full for tables and we would have to takeaway. While I don’t want to be one of those people who moans… it’s annoying that they won’t let you wait… and yet they can’t because of COVID-19…. I am one of those people moaning now….. sorry I take it back. He’s just doing his job.

COVID-19 is on the increase again and nurses are reporting that the second wave seems worse. I worry that I may be a bit blasé about it all now and I should tighten up my act a bit.

So home for 2pm and got the loveliest surprise from my friend Andrina! She said just to keep doing what I’m doing and writing the blog!!

A sloth that I can heat up in the microwave and snuggle! A lovely card and wee pocket rainbow 🌈 how sweet is that.

Back out this time with the dogs! 🐶 🐶 🐶

Tried to catch Bhru and Freya racing past this gap in the fence!!
The sky is mean and moody

Back home and put the fire on as the weather had taken a chilly turn today. The sky seems to have brightened up a bit.

I still don’t feel right this week and I just can’t put my finger on what it is? Maybe everyone is the same in the COVID-19 boat and that’s all it is. I’m antsy, irritable and very sad. If I hadn’t met mum today the blog would have been called “Return of the Rat” as Ratty McRattface is lurking. as I drove into the car park today I felt tears well up in my eyes as I knew she was waiting for me. The tears don’t feel far away today.

The fire’s roaring!

So I’m going to sit here and crochet. No pressure to do anything. Everything can wait.

Jeez it’s back to me again… 🥴
While Freya is actually snoring by the glow of the fire 🔥

Stay safe everyone 🔥🔥🔥

Day 216 and I baked actual bread 🍞

I mean like wow…. will the real Julie A please stand up?!? Ok so I cheated and emptied a packet into the bread maker but wow!

Doesn’t it look just perfect?!

Wait until you see the reaction it got from this oot…

Gimme gimme gimme mumma?!?
Bread?!? Whassat?! (Although very unfortunate snout pic of Freya!)

So that was last nights excitement, how can I possibly top that today?!?

Someone’s alarm went off this morning…. yip and I was bright eyed and bushy tailed from that point on. I’m already social media’d out… showered, dishwasher emptied, kitchen tidied, coffee and bread cut and sampled. It’s not even 8am. I feel good. Oh and more importantly I am actually writing this already!

This really hit me this morning.

I think I have been subtracting things for the last wee while. I know that the next step needs to be becoming a doer… I just need to work through the sloth stuff to find the energy.

I have definitely got this down to a tee
The thought of this makes me feel really calm
It absolutely is. We could all do with a really good hug 🤗

So we had an appointment at Tartan Campers today to talk through the Abbie the camper van renovations. So excited that the time has finally come. She will go in on Saturday and the build will take about 2 weeks. I hope we will have her back in time for my birthday…….. we both have a week off so that would be ideal!

Here are my seat covers.

So the list of work is finalised. Cannot wait to see how it all looks when it’s finished. Very excited!!!

So the rest of the day had been a bit of a whirlwind….. the Jeep parts are wrong so I had to wheech round Glasgow trying to find the right bit but to no avail. Looks like we’re back to waiting forever more parts from America again. Pretty stressful and poor Craig is having to go out to work and try not to think of it. I’m going crochet the knots out of my mind.

Stay safe everyone ❤️❤️❤️

Day 216 thankfully much less ratty today 🥴 maybe a bit meh instead?!

Well if that’s the case then I’m the bravest person ever as here I am rambling on about it every day. To anyone who will listen!!

You’ll be pleased to know I’m not Ratty McRatface today. I’m still not jumping through hoops of wondrous excitement but I’m much calmer than I was yesterday. I have a cold coming on. I’ve a scratchy throat… and I’m shattered.

I had the weirdest dream last night, mystery, murder, you name it, just weird…. maybe there is a movie sitting up in this brain of my mine just waiting to be penned. So vivid yet so weird. Was in bed before 9 again and could hardly keep my eyes open to read. Out for the count all night except for the overnight counter espionage movie being written in my head?!?!?

So this morning I went for two dog walks in quick succession. The Rambling Sloth has a burst of exercise and yes I’ve been paying for it ever since. Sloth came back with a vengeance!! 🦥

Trying to get Calaidh out on her own to let her off lead more and get a good run. Thinks she’s putting on the beef a bit (yes I know just like her mumma!!)

Just me and my girl out for the first walk. It’s pouring with rain!!

Everything looks really bright and fresh this morning despite the rain… the colours seem as vibrant as ever.

Into Spier’s Old School Grounds
So many colours!
The leaves on the ground are lovely 🍁 🍃
The Japanese tree has turned colour too
Almost orange 🍊
I took hundreds of pictures this morning!
Mellow yellow

Then back home to drop her off and pick up Bhruic & Freya.

Posing in front of a scary tree!
It did start to brighten up a bit
The moody puddle shot again!
Freya being a good girl waiting to go into the field to play!
Stunning colours
Dark skies
Bhruic close up!!
Freya with a wee leaf 🍂 hanging out her mouth!!
Leafy carpet 🍃 🍁 🍂
More trees!
The rain was coming in from the coast, just made it home in time!
Another scary tree but with the blue sky behind it!

Pawsitive Solutions calls this afternoon interspersed with some hoovering. Oooh that was a big word. Washing’s on waiting to be hung up to dry. Productive day!

So I’ve had a wee chill on Grans chair, gonna go do some more calls then switch off for a bit. Might even have a wee nap. It’s 4.30pm and it’s getting dark.

Stay safe everyone ❤️🧡💛

Day 215 and boy am I Ratty McRatface today?!? 🐀 🤬😡🤯🐀

The clocks went back last night so yay… we have an extra hour in 2020 and I am ratty….. So ratty that I just can’t seem to unrat at all.

Craig is trying…. no I mean in all seriousness he is actually being pretty good with me in trying to make me smile. I’m just so overwhelmed by all the stuff we have and not being able to clear through it. I have stuff to bin, stuff to sell, stuff for charity and I’ve nowhere to put any of it. I no sooner move something than something else takes it’s place.

Inside my head feels like a wee kid having a tantrum because I don’t want to have to deal with this today.

Just as well coz I ain’t blooming today….

As soon as I wrote that down it calmed my head. It was ridiculous. My anxiety allowed me to be overwhelmed by the size of the job which just needed broken into manageable chunks and it didn’t all need doing today. I am very bad for wanting to do a million things but actually being tired and needing to rest.

Which can only mean I am the cause of my stress just now
Today I am the Tasmanian Devil 👿

I wonder how much of this stems from yesterday? The puppy job went well and it was good to be in training as the lovely wee lad had some teeth on him and wasn’t afraid to use them.

I am still out of my comfort zone and despite not being nervous or worried I do go over everything in my head a thousand times… will I know what to do, will I be able to control a boisterous pup, will I… will I…. will I….

I know I can. I know I will be able to.

The most important rule of life!

So I put more furniture up for sale today. Despite my head being all over the place I’ve still actually achieved a lot.

The spare bed is going!
Along with my beloved chest of drawers. A huge part of my life but it’s time to move on
My shoe cupboard !! Or a tv cabinet… whatever anyone wants it to be
2 beside drawers to match the big unit

All are up for sale and I’ve taken the Laura Ashley unit off as we are going to keep that one now. Jeezo you’ve got to be fast to keep up with us?!?

This is all for charity
I need to practice this more often

Another good reason for this blog… I realise that all the craziness is unnecessary as probably achieved a lot more than some people did today. Maybe just not the repainting of the Forth Rail Bridge as I had planned 🤦🏻‍♀️…….but it is enough. It’s more than enough.

So let this be a Sunday evening reminder to us all that we can tackle anything life throws at us this week.

Ratty McRatface is no more thankfully. It’s 4.20pm and it’s almost dark and that reminds me… Claire sent me something today on the “think like a Norwegian” vein…

Tonight I will embrace the winter darkness and find comfort and warmth in life’s simple pleasures…. a good book in front of the fire. 🔥

Stay safe everyone 🔥🔥🔥

Day 214 daily blog issued at 10.56am?!? What’s the world coming to??

Another fantastic nights sleep but it was torrential rain when we woke up this morning. Absolutely stoatin’ down. Plan today is up, walk the dogs, sell the wee bathroom cabinet that someone is coming to pick up, then head out for my 2nd puppy training job this afternoon.

Thankfully the rain stopped just in time for dog walk and Craig took Calaidh to work so it was just the terrible twins this morning! One less dog to clean when you get home.

I do love them. ❤️❤️

Dark, heavy skies
All the burns and streams are swollen
Photos of their belting runs never really do them justices it’s amazing to watch in real life!
Tried to get them to wash their feet in this muddy water! they were filthy!!
Just for my mother in law, this really is the long and winding road! I had to walk back up this hill!
Still beautiful autumnal colours but not the same vibrancy when it’s dull
I think I wore them out!!

So thought I’d get ahead today and start this at 10.30am. Waiting on the lady coming to pick up the bathroom cabinet. Have so much to sell just now but need to make space to get to it to take pictures!

Pine double bed frame, large pine chest of drawers and two matching beside cabinets just to start with.

This is so true.

I did a huge clear out while I was off work sick and made over £1200 selling on eBay. The time has come to do this again. I need to declutter as clutter is taking over my life.

So I’m going to publish this very early today so that I get a “night off”. I won’t be back from the puppy job until at least 6.30pm and I’m sure I’ll need to be asleep by 9!

In a quick COVID-19 update, Scotland is now considering 5 levels similar to the English 3 Tier System. Reported below from Sky News

Those who know me very well…. so know that I spent ages looking for level 5 information to post. Honestly I did….. only just now realised it starts at Level 0.


Stay safe everyone 🌈🌈🌈

Day 213 training session!

Had the most amazing sleep last night, could not move this morning! Love a really deep sleep. 🛌 💤

I’d also like to point out that there has been no comfort eating either yesterday or today so far….. funny there I typed … fat! 🤣 so maybe that ariticle yesterday was just what I needed to hear?

We had a Pawsitive Solutions team meeting this morning for 4 whole hours! Learning about the different dog personalities and how to deal with them. Was really interesting.

However, since then I have hit a wall! Get the old grey matter moving for a change and I’m exhausted! 💤💤💤

In other news Mum has finally been given the all clear which is amazing news!! That’s been almost 2 months waiting on results that I honestly thought we would know the answer during her operation at the start of September!!! How wrong was I?!?

Huge relief Mum!! Love you lots 💜💜💜

I did go out with the dogs this afternoon and the sun was shining despite it being a kind of April showery kind of day. April showers in October…. whatever next?!?

It was lovely to see the sun! ☀️ I love this photo!
I love the blue skies with the low sun
Tunnel through the trees
She’s taking a photie again….. sigh!
This one made me laugh as check the shadow of the bobble hat!!

When I came back Craig was home so I grabbed the van and went down to see the chemist as I have an awfy sore ear. All my life I have struggled with headphones that go in your ears 👂 (maybe the only time I will use an ear emoji!) they have always irritated my ears and made them itchy and sore. Fast forward to now…. I’ve been wearing my AirPods when I make the Pawsitive Solutions calls! 📞 📲 my right inner ear is not happy.

At time of writing I’m lying down a bit squinty like in Gran’s chair while my ear drops settle into my ear. I need to put them in 3 to 4 times a day! It will take 5-7 days to clear and no more AirPods. 🙊

As I lie here I realise I am just really tired. That’s my problem. I feel I shouldn’t be tired and there are things I should be doing but I am. Just tired. I just need to rest. Again. And that’s ok.

Amen 🙏🏻

Stay safe everyone 💙💙💙

Day 212 where did the day go?!? 💨 💨

No I don’t have wind…. that was the speed of the day… passed in a pfffft…. I’m digging deeper now, I know I am.

Anyway after an hour awake at 5am due to the worst dreams imaginable, I finally woke up just before 8. Craig utters the words… “ you’re grouchy today aren’t you!” eh yessiree!!!

In a vain attempt to stay calm at my rising grouchy levels I started reading articles from the Happiful app.

If you’ve not come across it, check it out. It’s full of lovely articles, suggests books to read and podcasts to listen to. I believe they have a YouTube channel as well which I must check out.

So I read an article today on comfort eating…. which is emotional or over eating. Who me?! moi? Surely not…… but this article really struck a chord with me as it suggests there must be some discomfort behind comfort eating.

The idea is to get to the bottom of your comfort eating so that you can stop it. It’s not just a question of jumping on a diet or upping exercise. It’s deeper seated than that.

The article suggests it could be boredom that leads to overeating and since I stopped drinking I would say that’s probably true. When I would relax and chill with a glass of wine, I now sit with snacks. I am not hungry. I am not feeding my hunger. I’m trying to feel better. Subsequently of course it makes me feel worse as I then berate myself for what I’ve eaten.

The aim is to get you thinking about what you’re actually eating and why.

It’s worked today. I don’t know the reason for my discomfort but in thinking about it today I haven’t felt the need to comfort eat.

I was a very lucky girl and got two lovely cookies from Claire that I have eaten but it was with a coffee and I enjoyed them and savoured them.
Almost forgot to take a photo! So lovely eh?!

So I’ve walked the dogs (no pics SHOCK HORROR!!) made lots of calls today and booked 2 jobs. I’ve also applied for charity exemption with Scottish Water for the village hall and I’ve put two things up for sale on FB buy and sell. Check me….

The wee under sink unit we were going to use in the bathroom
And the Laura Ashley coffee table!

More to come soon as I clear out the spare room. Another day…… 🤣

Very good way to look at things….
Again…. wow 😯

So in an attempt to not overeat…. Craig stopped at the Forum Cafe in Kilmarnock on the way home from work. He brought us 4 flavours of forum ice cream!! Millionaires shortbread, Condensed Milk, Vanilla and Scottish tablet flavours. I am in ice cream 🍨 heaven right now…

I needed to be reminded of this too

I will leave you while I enjoy my ice cream. Wow 🤩

Stay safe everyone 🍦 🍦 🍦

Day 211 a wee unexpected shopping trip 🛍 💕

THE 6AM ALARM WENT OFF THIS MORNING……… just saying…….. again……….

So I lay awake between 6 & 7 and then conked out until 8am!! It’s pouring with rain again here today.

So Auntie Jac was gonna come down one day to meet for a coffee as Craig was using Abbie the Camper van for work and I was stuck in the house. She’d said either Wednesday or Thursday so I left it until Tuesday to decide. Craig’s job cancelled at the last minute and he’s been loaded with the cold so it gave him a day in bed. Have wheels will travel!!!

Made a big thing of announcing to Craig and the dogs that I loved them very much but that I was also off out for a day and it was so exciting!!

We met in Braehead shopping centre at 10am. I had straightened my hair, “dressed up” which means not in jammies or joggies and wore a jacket for the first time this year! Also wore my Doc Marten boots which were only ever for special occasions… of which there are now none. So going out to the shops is now a special occasion. Of course I also had the trusty new hat to keep my hair dry.

Me today 🤣

So coffee first in Cafe Nero as Jac like the strongest coffee in the world! Then off to Primark for the first time since before COVID-19 hit……. we were in there for hours!! Now to be fair we did meet my lovely mother-in-law Helen so it was like a wee mini family reunion! We can stand in a shop and chat with masks on. But we can’t all go and have a coffee together. There also no hugging and kissing like we would all have normally done. That part feels really rude as I was always a hugger.

By the time we came out of Primark I think it was about 1.30pm! Back to Café Nero for lunch. Hard work this shopping malarkey.

I didn’t feel stressed in the shops today. Was the same with mum in Livingston the other week. I think I’m getting used to the new normal… having to follow arrows all over the shops. It’s just what we do now. As we came down the escalator Jac commented that you would never have believed this time last year what would happen this year. Everyone was walking about wearing masks 😷 everyone. It’s so surreal.

In a total change of subject I realised I have forgotten to tell you about Bob.

We found Bob in our back garden on Sunday!

“Hi I am Bob and I do look a bit scary but I am deffently nice” 🎈what a strange but lovely thing to find!

I should add here that in checking actual Bob for the spelling of “definitely”…. I just burst him….. yip. BOOM!!!! 💥 Hmmmm… he’s lived in our kitchen since Sunday and was shrivelling some so I guess his time has come. 🙊

As you know I’ve been avoiding Coronavirus news but I just clicked into Sky to have a check and saw the following…. should note it as this blog was originally to be about life in COVID-19 times:

Not good at all.

So yes this last 6 months has changed our lives forever and it almost doesn’t bear thinking about or dwelling upon as we will all go crazy. I read that mental health stats show increasing cases as people struggle to deal with the the new normal. I’m doing ok just now and think this has come at a crossroads in my life where it’s just become another part of the changes I have been going to through.

This came up on my FB from 2017. Check us!! Life before my breakdown.

I went off sick a year later. I gave up drink to help my depression. I’m now 4 stone heavier and I look back at this girl and wonder who she was. But she was me. My life is so much richer now that I have learned to say no, learned to walk away and learned that life without a high-flying corporate job is a breath of fresh air. I’m in control of my own destiny and it feels so good.

Stay safe everyone 💙💙💙

Day 210 feeling a bit sloth-like today… 🦥

Have no excuse to be tired…. other than trying to get to sleep with Craig’s “I’ve got a cold” snoring… I had a great nights sleep!

So yes… there is a man cold in our house just now. It’s definitely just a cold, nothing else….. he says it the same cold he’s had every year, still I’m hoping he’s not outside in this pouring rain. It’s torrential at 3.30pm!

He’s still driving Abbie the camper van as the Jeep parts haven’t arrived yet. So I’m stuck in the house. Maybe that’s what’s wrong as this is the start of the second week?

Maybe it’s not though as I do love the lockdown life. Working from home, never really having to leave suits me down to the ground!

Much excitement for our walk!
Same plod, different day!
Heading into Spiers Old school grounds
Still loving the autumnal trees but the sky is grey threatening rain…. but it’s warm and I’m getting hot hat head!!
Even more water in the burn
Moody reflections in a puddle.

Think this sums up my mood today although I can see the beauty in it.

Took this one on the way out our walk but a van had just driven through the puddle. The mood is intense though!

So I can home, made 2 calls and booked them both… BOOM!

And then I went upstairs… if you read yesterday you’ll remember that I have the spare room to tackle after the bathroom renovations. Despite selling so much on eBay last year we still have far too much “stuff”. A messy house is a messy mind.

I’m just tired.

I think that’s what’s wrong today. I feel like I should always be doing “stuff” and yet I couldn’t be bothered today.

This is the spare room!!!!! 😱😱😱
This is how I’m leaving it today

I now know what everything is… it’s still piled up but we need a reshuffle up here first before I find places for anything.

Gonna put this up for sale as we just don’t have space for it anymore

So yes, need to sell stuff and get things to charity and free up some space to free up my head.

Now this hits the nail on the head!!!
True dat!
And then this…… ❤️
The man blanket of FINISHED!!!!!! It was for Craigs birthday and I finished it on my wee brothers birthday exactly 3 months late.
Think like a Norwegian! 🇳🇴

Stay safe everyone 💜💜💜

Day 209 you do I realise I have to check at least twice every day to say what day I’m on?!? 🤣🤣

I keep meaning to tell you this but I always forget but I seriously have to check the day blah at least twice sometime 3 times before I head the blog… makes me mad some days and laugh on others!!

So today has been miserable! I said that in my head with a French accent…. it’s started off overcast and dreich and it’s been dark since about 2.30pm.

I hoovered (Sharked!) the stairs and the dogs room this morning before I made any Pawsitive calls. Everything was covered in dust… had to empty the Shark twice! It looks so good to have the stairs back… only one room left to go. The spare room….. which is packed up with so many things that it will be a while before I’m able to Hoover it. Was planning to get to it today but events overtook….. which is a polite way of saying I really couldn’t be bothered!!


Despite the forecast being horrific, we actually got a dry hour for a walk… more by luck than design.

Wrong way Calaidh!!!!
Autumnal leaves 🍁 🍃
Waiting for some action yet I forgot to task tennis balls! 🎾
Arty gate!
Some serious sniffing going on here
We were not going to stop at the burn today but a pup who will remain nameless but is known to all dragged herself throw some thick mud about 100m from the burn… almost as if she knew…
Freya likes to watch!!

After the rain the burn is really swollen so it’s surprising to get Calaidh in so deep, she usually only goes in if it’s calm.

Really sad that someone had dumped all of this by our lovely burn. It’s far too much to pick up so will report on the Council web page.
Bhru checking out the burn at the other side of the road! This is called Fairy Glen
Just for a laugh my new hat makes me look like Wally from the “where’s Wally” books… I’ve been wearing it all day while I worked… 🤣

I spent the rest of the afternoon making calls and reading up on some puppy training. Pulled together some details on food that’s toxic for dogs. Finding the investigation really interesting… and of course it meant that I didn’t need to clean the spare room!!

I’m now back in front of the fire… Securing all the ends on Craigs blanket. Worked on it for HOURS yesterday and still have a fair way to go. The fire is on, the candles are burning, dinner is cooking a la Craigie. It’s dark and miserable outside but I’m embracing indoors just like a Norwegian 🇳🇴 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

Where’s Julesie?!?!

Stay safe everyone 🕯 🕯 🕯

Day 208 tackling jobs I’ve been putting off 🤦🏻‍♀️😊

I love this idea. My new approach to life I think


Just thought this was worthwhile in case he hadn’t remembered 🤣🤣. Two days in a row… wide awake at 6am. To be fair I never got up until 9 as I have a new book and read for a while.

I’m really into books 📚 just now. For a long time when I was “off sick” I couldn’t read anything. I couldn’t focus long enough to read a sentence never mind a book. It’s something I’m really enjoying getting back into.

So breaking news today…. we ordered our Christmas Day lunch. 🎄 Yes I said the C word in my blog. I’m not a fan of Christmas much these days but will try to make this one a bit special. We’ve assumed that we won’t be able to go anywhere this year so have ordered food from Morrisons. We saved about £80 as we were about to buy from Marks & Spencer’s then thought to check a supermarket at the last minute. Ok it’s not gonna be as posh but it still look damn good. I have lots of veggie food on order too.

Then….. I decided to tackle the weeds. Honestly I saw some blue sky and it was clear and calm and I thought I’ll sneak up on the weeds and see how I get on.


Note that the old pond to the left of the photo is now filled with dead weeds. Let me tell you a story about that…. my clever husband decided to burn them….. with fuel ⛽️ there was a HUGE “whump” as the petroleum ignited and a huge fireball 🔥. The “whump” brought the neighbours running to find out what it was. I would have taken a picture if I wasn’t standing with a cup of tea and coffee in either hand and so shocked and rooted to the spot. Takes a lot to shut me up…

Needless to say…. the giant pile of weeds are still there. The hose was needed to calm the fireball! 🔥 🚒

Also my weeding could have been better but I lost the will towards the end. It’s a lot better than it was.

So now the next job I’ve been putting off for ages… stitching 🧵 in the loose ends of Craigs crochet 🧶 blanket remember I said I wanted to finish it for his birthday in July…. I didn’t.

So yea we’re watching movies now and I’m stitching away.

Calaidh in all her glory!
Check Bhru’s little tongue sticking out… bless

I’m avoiding all things COVID-19 at the moment which is a huge part of why I started the blog. Safe to say we’re stuck in the house with nowhere much to go but it’s kinda how I like it.

I love the calm and the peaceful. I love being able to choose what I want to do each day. I am happy I know what’s for dinner each day. I am so grateful to be calm. 🧡

This might seem a bit freaky but I think it’s true of me now.
I honestly want to stop looking back now.
Now this one is huge.

Stay safe everyone 🔥🔥🔥

Day 207 oh I do like to be beside the seaside! 🚐🌊⛴☁️

A cloudy day today but that’s ok…. it’s still the calm before next week’s storm I think.

Someone’s alarm went off at 6am again so when Craig’s awake everyone’s awake. Didn’t get up until 8 but feel like it must be time for bed now and it’s only after 3pm.

Not as picturesque when cloudy but a wee trip to the seaside!
Today was not unpleasant but I read this as I was eating cake in Costa snd I guffawed out loud 🤣🤣🤣
I had a coconut milk honeycomb cappuccino. I mean wow! 🍯 ☕️ and a giant piece of Tiffin cake 🍰

I sat in Costa for the fist time since COVID I think. You have to scan the QR code for the shop 🏬 so that you are checked in for the track and trace. It’s much better than having to use the same pen as everyone else. Technology at its best.

I then had a wee wander round the charity shops…. may have mentioned how much I like a charity shop. Picked up 4 tops and some books. Feel that I’m donating to charity even if the things don’t fit I can give them back to charity next time I do a drop off.

Every shop has antibacterial hand gel dispensers as you walk in the door. Some are runny and take ages to dry, some are sticky. You just never know what you’re gonna get until you’ve got it. Got chatting to a man in the Red Cross charity shop and he said that their helpers are all over 70 so can’t come back into the shop to work snd he can’t take anyone else on just now as he can’t get close enough to train people to use the till etc. Tough times.

Sat here and had a chat with mum. It’s not cold but the hand holding my phone felt like it was going to fall off 🤣🤣🤣

I am prone to exaggeration at times… I managed to go into the Pound Basket and come out not having bought any wool. I have more than enough at home. Still quite proud I resisted. It took me about 842 goes to get out of my parking space in the seafront car park today….. ok more realistically, at least 10! Honestly it’s the first time i though Abbie might actually be stuck but I went back and forwards like a machine until I had enough space for the turn. Without hitting anything!! I panicked for a few seconds then just took a breathe and kept at it until I got out.

I’m writing the blog early today as I need to stitch in all the loose ends on Craigs crochet blanket. But I can’t be bothered as it’s a long job… there are sooooo many ends!

Transforming that negative into a positive… once I’ve done it the blanket will be finished and it’s taken me months of procrastination to get this far!

Wow 😳
I am much stronger now than I was. 💕
I can read this now and know that it’s true!

So in very happy news I have a very happy husband tonight. The old firm game went his way! (The reason I disappeared to Largs!) he has now stopped the movie we are watching 5 time already to ask me questions about decorating different parts of the house. I made him promise that he won’t stop it one more time…..

Think this kinda sums him up…

We have Gateside Inn takeaway tonight! I have Enchilada….. heaven on a plate through strangely with chicken which I’m not really eating just now but I’ll allow it for Enchilada! 🧡

Stay safe everyone 🧡❤️🧡

Day 206 another lovely day! ☀️☀️☀️

The sun was shining again….. wow! Didn’t sleep the best last night but up with the doors open and coffee. Boy it was fresh…. some would say freezing?!

Did a fair bit more cleaning today. Still got areas of the house that are covered in dust and then I think by dusting I can it landing back on the bits I’ve just done. I cleared through all my bathroom stuff today and we had a wee chat about a storage solution using old apple crates we have in the house. Will see what we can come up with this weekend! Well… what Craig can come up with… none of this “we”…. 😁

I love this autumnal sun. Hazy but warm.
Just the 3 of us today as Calaidh was at work with Craig. (on a re-red I just noticed their giant wolf shadows 🐺 🐺

Would like to point out that we managed to pass 2 huge horses on the narrowest part of the road without a single sound from number 2 &3 pups. The lady on the horse said they were very good dogs. Not gonna lie I was sooooooo proud of them. Dog walking whilst listening to calming podcasts seems to be good for me. The dogs are calm and chilled on their walk.

Spiers old school grounds gates
So beautiful 🍂
More spooky trees
This just took my breath away… the colours are amazing at this time of year 🍂 💙💚
Sun breaking through the branches
I love this picture… they look like they are having a chat…. what they are actually saying is “she’s bloody well taking another photo….”
The clouds were so unusual ⛅️
Sat and had a coffee with this view again

I realise how lucky we are to have this view from our garden.

Then dragged myself away back to the dusting and cleaning…. am enjoying it though as it feels like I’m getting somewhere.

Made some calls. Set some boundaries… boundaries which some people will be very proud of… myself included. I didn’t answer a call at 4.30 as I had shut up shop for the day. Everything was closed down and tidied away for the weekend. The old me would never have done that. I’d have opened it all back up again….. not this time though, things have changed and I can’t work all day just because people might call out with the hours I’ve chose to work. Check me.

Also… check me with dinner for a second day in a row. All thrown into a pan from packets but fresh and healthy. I even know what’s for dinner over the next few days rather than the contents of my fridge being a blur. I’m not sure how this has changed other than I must be allowing it to come into focus?

For those of you who know our dogs well…. this will make you laugh. Freya eating Bhru!

Maybe now apologising?!?

So I’ve been sitting in Grans chair reading my book for the last few hours. I have the wood burning stove on, my gingerbread candle and the wee lights on out the back. I’m loving the chance to coorie in although I got so hot I had to open the doors again before I passed out. Maybe took the heat too far!?!? 🔥🔥🔥

I think the Norwegians would approve!

Stay safe everyone 💡💡💡

Day 205 what a beautiful day! ☀️ ☀️ ☀️

Can I just say I have had a lovely day today. A lovely, lovely day. 🧡

Sunrise over the back fence

The sun was shining, what an amazing boost to my mood just by the weather. It was so calm, so quiet and so lovely in the sun. I made the most of being outside throughout the day.

First thing I did this morning was to prep dinner in the slow cooker…. I mean check me?!?!?!?!? Vegan stew! A 1kg bag of veg for stew, a sachet of flavour mix and quorn fillets added at the end. That’s exactly how my food needs to be. Easy, no prep but with a hearty snd wholesome outcome!

So I carried on with my housework this morning, sorted out some more things in the bathrooms and tidied about in the house. I took loads of things down to the shed, loaded up all the bins with rubbish that was lying around and did that dreadful poo pick job… but the sun was lovely and I was enjoying being outside.

Sat and had a coffee and my mum called the minute I took my first sip. Great timing. Had a lovely chat with her and it helped me sit still for a bit!

My view as we chatted! Sun so much lower in the sky just now

I tidied up bits of the garden… at this point I should pause…. Craig will read this and think I finally tackled all the weeding…. hmmmm nope not yet….. Soon…. Maybe…

I tried to clean up the mess on the patio left by bathroom guy, got the garden brush out and the dogs went nuts at that for a bit! Always good to tire them out!

Then decided to take the dogs out for their walk while it was still nice.

Check me… no harnesses on dogs…. not much pulling going on!
Took pics of lots more trees!!
Amazing how the lower autumn sun shows a tree into the sun and then from the other side… from spooky to sunny!
Just to prove my point!
They’re checking their pee-mail while I enjoy the lovely view!

There were no enquiry calls today until 3pm so I did them and then had a walk with Claire into Beith. A good exercise and chat!

The aforementioned vegan stew

Should add here that the sachet of flavouring was chicken with red wine. A vegan and a sober person should be having neither but hey I might just have to change the name Vegan Stew 😂

I’ve gone from walking around in a T-shirt today to thinking like a Norwegian and enjoying the peace in front of the fire with the candles lit…. I feel truly grateful for everything today. The calm, the warm of the sun, the relaxation despite everything I was doing. More of the same again tomorrow please?!?

Stay safe everyone 🧡☀️🧡

Day 204 eradication of stoor!

I went to Asda about 7.30am to get a new mop bucket and did the food shop while I was there…

So once I got home I decided to defrost the freezer…. mum says she’s got her defrosting off pat, doesn’t take long. Mine took ALL DAY…. there was ice on the ice.

I have spent ALL DAY doing housework. My first Wednesday without volunteering and a day off making calls. Housework ALL DAY. I am shattered! I have washed walls, sinks, toilets, showers, door frames, radiators…. there’s more but I’m too tired to remember!!🤔 😂

I took the dogs out for a walk just after I’d mopped the floors. Clever huh?!

More field and trees!
Another spooky tree!
The dogs ended up filthy!! Not coming back into my house with those 🐾
So we diverted to the burn to wash paws 🐾
Guess who also got in the burn?!?!
This makes me smile 🐾 🐾 🐾
The sun came out ☀️
Heading home.

Back to the rest of the housework…. I moved the furniture back into the hall, then turned on the bedroom….. there’s a lot of work to be done but I’ve made a huge dent in it! Changed the bed too!

This wee bathroom had all our stuff in it and everything was covered in stoor. Particularly the walls!! It was everywhere.

It feels so good to have done so much today.

I also had a lovely call from our 80 year old lady who wants to specifically thank everyone for sending cards and gifts. She got a card from Poland, one from Tenerife, a wee stain glass heart. She is so touched and can’t thank everyone enough.

Another good day. I might need to sleep all day tomorrow 😉

Stay safe everyone ❤️🧡💚

Day 203 we made an 80 yr old lady very happy today! 🥳 🎂 🎉

I made a list last night before I went to bed as I had a lot of things rumbling around in my head. So gym boy got up in the middle of the night but my newly set alarm 🚨 went off at 7am. Up, dressed and onto the list. Had loads done by 8am in time for coffee ☕️.

I don’t have any photos from my visit to the birthday girl this morning but all I can say is the generosity of my friends overwhelmed her and she she’d a wee tear when she saw how much I had taken with me. All the cards, gifts, the handmade chocolates and the cake. She was just speechless. Kept shaking her head. I have to say that I love making other people happy and making them feel special. I think we helped to make her day that bit more memorable.

I only saw her for 5 mins as her family were arriving and they were all going out for lunch.

Carol-ann’s handmade chocolates! 🍫
Eleanor’s handmade and decorated cake! 🎂

So yes it felt really good to surprise her.

Came home via the Little Coffee Caravan which is not on the way home but that’s not the point!!

Bhru eying up my Victoria Sponge!

Victoria sponge reminds me of my grandad who died in 1984 when I was 12. He loved a Victoria sponge and mum used to make it foe him a lot!

So back home and calls to be made then took the dogs out after lunch. I may have one of two cloud pictures again… what is it with clouds that draw me to them?!?

View over the field to Arran
Bhruic found a stick 🦯
Calais wants said stick 🦯
Calaidh now happy!
Loving the clouds ⛅️ and colours
Spooky tree 🌳
The sun 🌞 trying to get it’s hat on!
My healing journey trees from a new angle. Look at the colours?!
Arty tree shot 😆
Lovely to see Calaidh play. I didn’t throw this for her… she was throwing it about herself!
I just kept snapping, it was like she was doing a photo shoot!!
Check the dirty, wet, Sleeping Beauties now!

I only had 4 calls to make today and yet it managed to grow into about 6 or 7! Not complaining honestly. Now sat down in Grans chair with my feet up for a wee rest.

I still need to build some me time into each day as I can’t keep going without it. But that’s ok…

All in all, I’m tired, but I feel good today. I feel positive and happy and again heading in the right direction. Long may it continue… 💜

Stay safe everyone 💜💜💜

Day 202 a busy day!

It was a soggy soggy walk this morning. That kind of rain that soaks you as Gran would say… 💜

The chapel in autumn
You can see the old house in the distance through the autumn trees
Love the colours 🍂🍂🍂

We walked through Gielsland estate on the way to Spiers School Grounds.

Sniffing big style
🍁 🍂 🍁
Beautiful walk even in the rain
The rain bring growth 🌧
Yes this is me!

So spent the day making calls until about 3pm when I decided to have a shower and clean the bathroom at the same time. Multi-tasking at its best! So the new bathroom is stoorless finally!!! It took some scrubbing but it felt good.

I then went to the hall and hoovered the walls!!!! I actually hoovered the walls…….. the house is that bad! So I only made a wee dent in it but it’s a start.

So I just want to say that I have the best friends in the world… honestly. One of the ladies I deliver to turns 80 tomorrow and I have all this below to give her….

Cards, presents, some HANDMADE chocolates and a stunning birthday cake with her name on it. I mean WOW!!

I can’t wait to see her face when I drop them off in the morning. I hope she has a lovely day with her family but if she doesn’t have anyone turn up then she can sit snd slowly work through everyone’s cards…

Thanks to everyone who’s helped make her day special!

Stay safe everyone 💜💜💜