Day 236 a wee bit of shopping (poor Craig!) and more glimpses of camper refurb!!

Didn’t have the best nights sleep…. too much information but between sore ear and stomach cramp I tossed and turned a bit!

We’ve been having bother with our heating control and it was a full whacking 20degC in the middle of the night which did not help!!

So I dragged poor Craigie to the shops today! Nothing special just a wee wander around Dunelm Mill (that place I cannot say!) B&Q and Morrison’s. Just to get out! We both agree that the whole, shopping with a mask is hard work. I know how important it is and that loads of people have to wear them for a full time job but it’s taken my already increasing body temperature, due to my excess weight and increasing age and just lumped on top! Who needs a jacket when you have inner central heating?!?

Hmmmm thought provoking…..

So I ended up having some work to do today as someone forgot I was on holiday. Would never have seen them stuck but realise that I need a break as well. All done now, one client booked and the rest to be sent to someone else to manage.

Then I get the message that I’ve been waiting for…. Abbie the van is almost finished and Abbie the camper van will be ready to be collected by about 10am tomorrow morning!!!!! I am over the moon. It’s my birthday tomorrow and I thought we might get it late on or early Wednesday so I’m really chuffed they pulled out all the stops to have it ready.

Top of pop top view!

Cannot wait to see her with my own eyes. This looks like someone else’s van. Mine was an empty shell and this looks like a tardis.

Looks like we’re getting her just in time for North Ayrshire heading into COVID-19 level 4 which brings a whole new level of lockdown. We’ll just leave that till it comes and try and enjoy her as much as we can just now.

I did…. and now I’m not… I’m making a life. Love this 💜

One more sleep until I’m older. Not gonna get to see anyone which is sad but will make the most of a great day with my boy and the pups!!

Stay safe everyone 💜💜💜

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