Day 225 puppy training, dog walks 🐶🐶🐶 and some crochet 🧶

I did not sleep that well last night. I have a tickle cough that has been lingering for a few days and last night I got up at 2.30am to get some paracetamol which knocked me out until 6.30am. Yeah that time again…. 😬

So I feel tired today and a bit lethargic… in fact a bit sloth like.

I had a zoom call this morning on the remainder of the Pawsitive Solutions puppy manual which was great. I actually think some of it is starting to stick in the old napper…

We tried Skype first but I had the no camera symbol. While all the settings showed that the camera was working fine… it really wasn’t. I faded about with it then tried zoom with the same issue. So while we went through the training I kept looking up why my camera might not work and found a button on the laptop. Hey presto, finally got a picture!!!

Then half way through there was some incessant buzzing noise where Lorna could here me and I couldn’t hear her. Then vice versa. Took me about 10 mins to resolve that one.

The moral of the story…………..

Stop using the laptop as a desk and pressing random buttons while writing notes on a pad. 🙄

Then the doorbell went and the postie wanted to chat… but we got there in the end!

Look who’s back in the water!!!
The clouds were really sinister
Yet this was the view to the south
Another winding road!

When I got back I came upstairs to the spare room now officially known as MY room. Sorted the bed though didn’t think the first pic looked right so put my Grans crochet blanket over it and I’ve been sitting here making calls, then crocheting , then chatting to mum, then blogging.

The important thing is that I’m sitting here and I like it. I’m away from any “things that need done”. It’s a new space and I’m enjoying being in it.

The US election is still bumbling along with Biden at 253 and Trump at 214 from memory. The first to get to 270 wins. Trumpet is contesting the legality of the postal vote so I guess there is some testing times to come over the next few days.

England went back into lockdown today while Scotland’s pubs reopened this week for food only. The number of deaths yesterday was the highest since May this year.

I felt quite antsy this afternoon, I was tired and needed to rest but felt like I shouldn’t. I missed my tapping group that was scheduled for 3pm because I had no concept of time today. Remembered this morning and then it went right out of my head as the day progressed. It’s almost as if I just can’t quite manage everything at once just now. But that is ok. I need to accept what is and by writing this blog I see that every day is different. Some days are better than others. One things for sure, crochet sure calms my mind!!

Stay safe everyone 🧶 🧶 🧶