Day 239 the manager in B&M Stores made me cry and other stories 🤦🏻‍♀️😥

Yeah so that happened today…… In all my years of anxiety and depression I had not quite managed to cry at a checkout in a store. First time for everything and sincerely hoping it’s the last.

Heaven forbid anyone try to exchange something without a receipt in B&M Stores.

I should first state that I absolutely understand that shops have returns policies. I know that having the receipt is ideal but given that any trip to B&M usually means you have a receipt the length of your arm, I guess that most people, like me, just bin them rather than leave them lying around? I don’t usually buy from B&M with any intention of returning. (For my friends across the pond, I guess B&M is kinda like a Walmart where you can pick up almost everything under one roof and it’s usually pretty cheap!)

I thought this was pretty simple. I’d bought a 13.5 tog Kingsize downie (duvet) for the van a good while back. Last night I figured that was far to heavy and big so went to exchange it for a 10.5tog double. Yes that would cost me less but since I always pick up loads in B&M, I knew I’d be spending more than I’d be returning anyway. It’s a standard product while they always sell.

So…. I enter the store with the 13.5 tog downie in a big IKEA bag. Wait for ages to catch someone’s attention as I don’t have the receipt… only to be told that it’s fine, carry it through the shop, pick up what I want and they know I don’t have a receipt. Should mention here that’s it’s still all bagged up like shop bought.

A good wander round the shop later and I joined a queue.

They needed to call the manager over to authorise the return. It turned into a bit of a comedy sketch (except not remotely funny) when the surly manager seems to want to score points for saying “no receipt” as many times as he possibly can in one conversation while tapping away on the till, moving his mask down everytime he spoke to me but not really looking at me. “Take it you bought it in this store?” Eh no sorry I didn’t, I got it up Alloa way a wee while back. “Hmmmm so longer than 30 days?” Yes I think so….. sorry.

I explained that I had kept it for my camper van and only got that the other day…. I apologised and said that I’d just bought the wrong one by mistake.

“Well you really should have kept the receipt so we know that you actually bought it…” to which I replied well I can assure you I never stole it if that’s what you’re implying??? He was so p*ssed off with the whole transaction. His body language said it all. He didn’t want to take it back.

So the new me (and I’m proud of this….) “can I just say I’m a bit unhappy with the way you are speaking to me right now, I’ve done nothing wrong….”

“Well sorry but if you’d had your receipt then we would know that you paid for it, you really need to show me your bank statement….” and so it went on. By this time the bottom lip is wobbling (THANK GOD FOR MASKS!)

He goes away to speak to someone else and the tears come. The lovely lady on the till does a there, there tap of her hand. I apologised to her and said that I suffered from anxiety so I was maybe over thinking the whole exchange.

He came back and then said he couldn’t necessarily give me the £29.99 as it might not be for sale at that price anymore… despite the fact it was labelled £29.99. We had a whole exchange there where I said if that was the case I would sell it privately….. and so it went on.

Turned out that was just another thing that didn’t need saying. When another woman came over to show him how to manage the exchange she said it was easy…. she hit a few keys… set up the exchange…. no need for a credit note that he’d kept going on about…… done. He walked off and left me to it.

I phoned Craig as soon as I came out and talked it through and felt so much better.

I realise I may overreact to stuff but that whole transaction could have been dealt with so differently. We are all going through tough times just now but it’s not like I was trying to return a giant Santa statue in the middle of March!!!!! Now I could understand them not wanting to take something like that but it was a Silentnight downie which sells all year round.

Anyway, I had a lovely rest of day.

I’ve done some Christmas shopping, been back to IKEA and stopped at the Little Coffee Caravan for an oat latte. Had a lovely chat with the girls there. They are always so lovely and chatty!

Then popped into Gayle’s shop! It is UH-MAZING!!!!!

The Little Gift shop with Gayle waving through the door! The gift bow on the front door is stunning!
Her window is so Christmassy!

Hence the mention of a giant Santa earlier on…. imagine buying this and coming back to Gayle in March without a receipt. You just wouldn’t would you?!

Had a good chat with Gayle then back up the road. Pottered in the van all afternoon trying to find places for things.

Bhru came to visit and lay down in the right place!
The view thru the front window of the pop top
The view out the side net
Was a lovely sunny day today

We went to our neighbours Colin and Joyce for a socially distanced drink around the chiminea! Was so hot to sit next to it and we had to move back. Lovely to have a catch up.

Very sadly I have had to say goodbye to the couches that have been a part of my life since 2002…. I feel very emotional. These were my first big purchase for my new flat after my divorce.

Ready for collection at 7am tomorrow. It breaks my heart….

This is the living room now!! We’re on camp beds until 26th when the new couches arrive…..

So in scary news we now know 4 people who have COVID-19. It feels very real where it hasn’t before now. Maybe a wake up call for us. At least 3 of the people we know have been VERY careful and yet have still caught it. I know we are all likely to get it at some point I guess but it’s still a bit real. Sending lots of love to you all.

I always end with “stay safe everyone” but tonight I want you to read it slowly and think about how much I mean it.

Stay safe everyone ❤️❤️❤️