Day 244 a lovely sunny and calm day 🌤 with pancakes 🥞

I’ve had a lovely day today, just calm and relaxed with no stress and no pressure.

I’d been having pretty nasty dreams where I was torturing myself for decisions I’ve made in the past, blaming myself for everything. Last night NOTHING. Just sleep. It’s such a relief and means you don’t wake up in a stressful mess in the morning. Thanks to kinesiology yesterday. Cannot thank Shelagh enough. 💜

I feel very quiet. Very calm and still pretty tired, but I will take the calm any day.

Haha some plot twist… dog walk next!!
A lovely dark and moody morning with some colour in the sky
Very spooky tree!
Managed to stop for a paw wash this morning as the burn went down a good bit over night.

A neighbour stopped me this morning to give me some hi vis stuff for the dogs. You can only see Bhru’s but how lovely.

I felt happy this morning, enjoyed the dog walk rather than finding it a trudge
Loved this. I see so much when I look at this sky

So this morning I was going with my neighbour Holly to the cash and carry them a wee trip for brunch to Gro Coffee in Irvine.

Pinched this from their website
The view across the road
I ordered the Elvis Pancake stack… peanut butter, raspberry jam, banana and maple syrup !!!!

Craig reckons this top of this had Donald Trump hair. 🤷🏻‍♀️ Think it was candy floss so I brought that top one home for him. I managed 2 and a quarter! I sound like my gran when I say “I mean it really didn’t have to be quite that big….” 🤦🏻‍♀️😆🤣

Holly had eggs benedict. Much more delicate!

Back home before 12 and have done all sorts today…. booked the boiler service for the Village Hall being the most significant. Another thing off the list!

I got a belated birthday present the other day…. well I’ve had two recently (both from Craig!) but the first was a jigsaw of one of Hope Blamire’s paintings which I love!

I may be regretting this now?!?
Not even half way through sorting it out and this is just the sky and sea bits!!

I have stopped to write the blog as I was getting a it overwhelmed by it all…. 😆

This is the second… “drink coffee like a Norwegian” mugs!!

When Craig came home from work last night I had my noise cancelling headphones in and was singing along to Faurés Requiem!! For those of you who don’t know I was in the church choir when I was younger and this is one of the most significant pieces that I remember us doing and I know a lot of it off by heart.

It was a wonderful trip down memory lane as an alto part kicks in and I think of my Auntie Marion and Brigitte singing alto and think I can hear their voices (should not I am listening to a TOTALLY different choir!!!)

Such a special moment until I sensed Freya sensing something going on at the door. Craig was home! I got the giggles 🤭

He must come home and wonder which wife he’s getting most nights?!

In covid news yesterday was sadly the highest number of deaths since May.

We got note of new rules over Christmas.

I’m not sure what difference this will make as everyone will want different people in their bubbles. If I have mum and dad and Craigs mum and stepdad then the 4 of them can’t see anyone else. Mum & dad would want my brother and Craigs mum would want her other kids. Difficult.

These are really sad times. While I love the chance to be a home bird, I miss the chance to visit people like I used to.

Just have to take the good days when they come and be grateful for everyone we love.

Stay safe everyone 💜💜💜