Day 234 first lazy day of holidays with an alcohol free🥤pub lunch! 🍱 🥘 🍲

I didn’t get out of bed until about 9.30am today. Slept until 8 and then read for a hour and a half!!! Craig kept the dogs away and I just enjoyed some me time.

How cute is this wee sloth guy 🦥

Got up and had a lovely coffee then started on the spare room again!! Needed a bit of a rearrange and a sort out as it wasn’t quite working for me. I was pottering and enjoying it. Got a Pawsitive Solutions call and ended up almost being late for our lunch booking at the pub next door at 12.30.

Holly’s steak pie is amazing!!

Our neighbours Jim and Fiona had a table right next to us. Our neighbours Kenny and Louise were serving (Holly was obviously cooking!) and Harry from round the corner was at a wee table in the corner all by himself. All COVID-19 driven. No one is allowed to drink alcohol at the moment so I love it as we all had juice and I didn’t feel left out. We all ate and finished and went home. Normally we would have sat about for the afternoon as everyone got into rounds so I do see a difference and understand why alcohol is banned at the moment.

It was so lovely to see everyone and eat Steak Pie 🥧 obviously! May have had a Caramel Apple Pie too and I really didn’t need that but it had to be done.

Mask selfie on the way home with Jim and Fiona walking away in the background!
I missed World Kindness Day yesterday so sharing it today 💕💜💕
This is so true and I love that I’m living through this
Isn’t this lovely 💕

I’m listening to Fearne Cotton’s Happy Place podcast just now and a few of the interviews have really made me think about where I’ve come from and where I’m going.

I’ve also just cleared through the laptop bag I brought home when I had to empty my office at end end of January this year. It’s the first time I’ve looked at everything and it’s like it’s all from another world.

I used to be a senior manager with a team of staff. I used to manage Customers and know everything there was to know about them. I used to be the expert on one of our largest customers. I thrived on that at one time. I’ve found work polo shirts from training days. I remember the amazing feeling of being someone and being involved in major decisions.

Until it broke me.

I will never be that person again and that is the best decision for me. It does still hurt at times. I guess it’s just emptying the bag was like opening up a can of worms.

I’m not going to let it fester. It was what it was and it now is what it is and I wouldn’t be where I am now without it. I guess I’m grateful for the learning curve.

I’m so grateful that I am where I am now. It’s tough. Some days are worse than others but I’m more alive than I ever was.

And this has been my saviour too
Well I am shifting as much as I possibly can… including the furniture!!

I’m lying on the day bed writing this while Freya, my new shadow, cooried in. (In an effort to change cookies to cooried I just dropped the phone on her back!!!! Oops!)

It’s been a lovely day. Calm, quiet with lovely food and good friends.

Nap now?!?

Stay safe everyone 💕💕💕