Day 223 a day of two halves.. overwhelm by negative news 📰 🗞 🇺🇸 🇬🇧 in the morning and chilled by the afternoon

This is the first day in a long time that I’ve not had to look back on what day number this was… I’m quite proud of myself. I remembered yesterday’s 3 little ducks 🦆 🦆 🦆.

I had a great sleep last night but have been waking at 6.30am for a good few days now and I did again. This gives me a chance to check up on the news, social media etc. I can’t read my book in the dark and I don’t want to get up. However…. I know this hasn’t helped me today.

With everything going on just now I find the news a bit overwhelming. Craig is really into all things political right now and I have to say that I firmly share his views and just can’t understand how things in the US 🇺🇸 are going how they’re going right now. Well I fully understand why they are how they are but that’s my political opinion and not for this blog to share. It’s terrifying that people who have voted one way all their lives will still do so because they hear all the scare-mongering on their side about the other.

I know that I cannot change any of that but I have to change how I choose to react to it. It’s terrifying to think what the world is coming to…

So all of that aside I went for a lovely dog walk and I think that really helped. I had some lovely chats with some other villagers while I was out and the sun was starting to push through the clouds.

Autumnal colours are still beautiful
I have another new hat! Same as the last one but just different colours. My new wardrobe of hats!!
How stunning is this?! Reflections in a puddle again!
The storm has passed

In more ways than one…. the wind and rain have died down but so has the crazy inside my head…. I had a day of clearing out our bedroom in between making Pawsitive Solutions calls. I feel so much calmer than I even did this morning. I’ve had a day where I chose what I wanted to do and when I did it rather than being dictated by other events and I’ve really enjoyed it.

I love this 💜
This is me just now!!
This is an amazing explanation of my life these days! my friend Tracey in Canada sent a few over this morning and they all hit the nail on the head!
This is so true, we all apologise for tears as if they are something awful. I have apologised for my tears all my life.
I am able to do this today which is lovely.
#justsaying 😆

While it started off shaky I have turned today around and I feel really blessed to have this life right now. I can’t explain the relief when the storm passes.

Another learning curve climbed and riding the wave until the next one.

Stay safe everyone 💜💜💜