Day 233 Friday 13th 2020 what could possibly go wrong?!?

Read this devastating news first thing this morning. Not good.

So today has been a day of lists and ticking boxes which actually feels quite good though I think I feel a bit meh today… neither up nor down.

So first things first dogs out and home by 9am! I remembered my hat…. but only wore a hoodie…… it rained. Of course it did 🤣

Found some last remaining colour down in the woods today…. cue the song 🎵 🎶
Bhru decided that this little stick which is used for path definition, would be hers!! She tried to pick up the big bit to her right….. eh naw?!
Keeping tabs on sloth mumma 🦥 😂
Thought I’d take some close up of the Dawn Redwood planted in 1953 for the Queen’s Coronation. 👑 the colours were stunning in the rain. love the wee door at the bottom too!
Loved this leaf 🍁 smack bang in the Quod Verum Tatum sign which was the Spiers school motto
Saw this tree on the way out where the Ivy is falling away from it! Got too heavy and the tree said shove off?! We could all learn from nature.

I came home and headed out in the wee Citroeney thing to drop clothes at the charity shop and then up to the Little Coffee Caravan (yes again!) for an oat latte and a raspberry and white chocolate muffin!

I cannot describe just how good this muffin was…. honestly out of this world. Soft, moist and loads of flavour. Wow. (I hate the word moist!)

Back home at the very large desk to make some Pawsitive Solutions calls and then I took part in a Market Research call! 1.5 hours of questions on buying furniture for £50. This was recommended to me by a friend and I really enjoyed it. The call was run by two guys in Spain 🇪🇸 and it was obviously driven by IKEA.

I had no idea that 60% of the products they sell are sustainable and they aim to be at 100% by 2020. Who knew that air purifying curtains were a thing???!

I found it fascinating. We have a new couch to be delivered next week and sustainability did not come into our purchase choice at all. I have huge concerns about the disposal of our old couch and that it will be destined for landfill. That horrifies me. However it did not factor into our new purchase at all. Lots of food for thought there.

As soon as I was off that it was time to get the lovely wee Citroen back to Green Motion car hire!!! The Jeep is still running and Craig is one happy boy.

He said this morning….. “you do realise you are nearly 3 years older than me again….?!”

Oh how I love the period in our lives between November to July where he throws this at me on a regular basis. He’s one lucky toy boy I reckon….. on some days he may disagree 🤣🤣

I see a lot of motivational stuff during the day while I’m looking for content for the blog and I also see a lot of negative which I try to stay away from.

I prefer to deal with my motivation in a positive way. Rather than stay away from negative people…. chose to be with positive people. I don’t know if that makes sense or where I’m even going with this but it struck me today that there are things I don’t post on here because the focus on the negative and not the positive. I have had a life time of negative. No more.

So Craig and I are now off for a weeks’ holiday!! Out of the office… doesn’t feel the same for me as it used to but I guess I need to remember I’m only part-part-time at the moment. Craig needs a rest and time to chill. Who knows what the next week will bring but I’m looking forward to a change in my wee routine. Just to mix up this COVID-19 tier 3 malarkey.

So happy Friday night and enjoy your weekend.

Stay safe everyone ❤️❤️❤️