Day 229 a lovely day ☀️🌤⛅️ and announcement of a COVID-19 vaccine!! 💉 🦠

I have had the loveliest of days today. Just pottering around quite the thing. It was a lovely morning so I got the dogs out for a good run first thing.

Sunrise over my counselling trees!
This wee guy was bonding along beside us desperate to play. It did not give up for the whole length of the field!!
The bright sunshine versus the dark Misty sky behind us was really atmospheric
Just stunning, I love the autumn sun!
You can see the mist hanging over the Garnock Valley
Then down to the burn so we could all wash our paws!!
I’ll just balance on this wee stone!!
Ready for action! Though she’s not sure why?!?
Lots of activity!
Action shot!!
Even the burn looked picturesque
Freya having a good shake! I got soaked but it was loads of fun!
I came home and had a coffee and did some crochet sitting OUTSIDE!!

Yeah I only managed about 50 stitches before I had to head back in to the warmth.

This is the view from my new “office”!!

I moved the camping table upstairs along with a camping chair so was all set with this lovely view. The window has been open all day.

I made calls and did some Gateside Memorial Hall work. I sorted through paperwork and bills. Worked on my to do list. I moved stuff around, kind of tidied up a bit but I really enjoyed doing it all.

I put a washing on and hung it up, loaded the dishwasher.

THEN……. drumroll……. Open Reach arrived to install our super fast fibre broadband!!!!! AND….. it’s not working.

It was……. then it wasn’t and now it isn’t.

They’ll be back between 8.30-9 tomorrow morning to resolve.

So the big news this evening is the first vaccine has been developed that prevents 90% of people from contracting COVID-19.

Sorry but….. “the toot of the bugle is louder” only Boris….

In other good news the president-elect Joe Biden has finally been able to announce that wearing masks in the US should not be a political statement. This is great for the States as it will stop the spread of the virus.

Stay safe everyone ❤️💜❤️