Day 231 much better phew!! 😁😁😁

So the anxious maniac from yesterday had gone replaced by a happy go lucky, it is what it is kinda gal…. so grateful.

I’ve had the loveliest day today just pottering around. It started with a dog walk with the puppers and their Auntie Claire!

This is life behind the camera!
🤣 is not often I have photos in my dog walking gear! Is it possible the bobble is as big as my head?!?!?
Calaidh balancing on a stone again! Different burn…. it’s becoming her thing!
Gnasher is determined to get the stone! She came out muddier than she went in!!!
Freya’s telling the other two that Auntie Claire’s taking the photos now?!

As Craig had a job cancel….. I HAD A CAR!!!! So I drove up to Linwood and hit Home Bargains, B&M Stores, TK Maxx, Matalan & Cancer Research. Last of the big spenders me eh?!! Wandered around for about 2.5 hours until the whole hat, mask and glasses got a bit overwhelming. I got really tired all of a sudden.

Back down the road to the Little Coffee Caravan for an Oat Latte. Had a lovely chat with the guys there. They are always so friendly and lovely. Always brightens my day to chat to them.

Then onto the Co-op and then to Vivs Nails to get, yip you guessed it… my nails done!!

I took a picture…. yeah you don’t need to see them. They are lovely but nothing makes a toe pic look great?!?

So we have a La Dolce Vita pizza delivery tonight, very much looking forward to that. It will be here in precisely….. one hour and 45 mins approximately. Yes I’m aware that precisely and approximately contradict each other.

It’s only 4.15pm and the rain is torrential so the candles and twinkly lights will be on. Celebrate the darkness rather than dread it.

Stay safe everyone 💜💜💜