Day 238 trip to IKEA before it goes into COVID-19 level 4 shutdown

Slept like a log after all of yesterday’s excitement. Was out for the count.

It’s still pretty horrific weather today. Really wet and pretty windy. Great weather for enjoying your campervan…. and yet I still have!

We had a lazy morning before deciding on a trip to IKEA to look at storage options for the van.

IKEA have an automated entry system that talks to you when it’s ok to go in. We only had to wait with one person in front of us and for less than a minute.

Straight into the market place. The hot news is that WE DID NOT buy any candles or tea lights which is unheard of for a trip to IKEA.

Here is the lovely new entrance mat for Abbie the camper van.

So I did pick up a whole lot of storage bags for the van! You can never have too many storage bags… there’s a bag for the duvet, smaller bags for toiletries, bags for other stuff and other bags for other stuff!! You get the gist. 💼 🛍

Other than that it’s been a really quiet day. I made a cuppa in the van this afternoon with the JetBoil. It took me bloody ages but now that I’ve done it the second time will be way faster!!

I feel a bit flat today. I was overwhelmed by the love yesterday but I did need a day just to chill and breathe and play with my new toys! 🤭😆

Among loads of other things, Craig got me the most amazing noise cancelling headphones so I can make calls and listen to my podcasts in peace. got them charged overnight and paired them up this morning. Perfect for chilling!

We are having a lovely wee evening out in the van. Crochet, alcohol free Rosé Bees Knees (fizz!) and snack. Craig has wine don’t panic!!

Yes….. honestly….. 🦥 do not laugh!!
🦙 🧡❤️

Stay safe everyone ❤️🧡💜