Day 245 a quiet day (makes a change I hear you say!) 🤐

It’s a late one tonight and I’m actually quite lost for words today. Check me. I feel the need to be quiet…. bout time I know.

Again, I’m ok and don’t want anyone worrying, just writing about another day in the life….

Up early today to prepare the living room for the new couches!

Lovely and fresh and new!
Don’t even have a decent pic of this as there was stuff lying around

As Craig said… in 12 years this is our first new couch together!! Not a dog hair in sight!!!

Craig painted the fire place today too! This is the only pic I have and it wasn’t quite finished!

Decided to carry on hoovering (sharking!) the hallway and Calaidh came running as she hates the hoover. I thought she was behind a closed door. She knocked the shelves in the hall and mixed berries scented oil went all over the wall, new floor tiles, the wooden shelving unit, an antler that the dogs chew… so had all that to clean up.

Then found that the Furbo I’d sold on eBay wasn’t working properly…. the guy had just received it…. well I went into orbit at that. He said it was faulty and it had been used. It hasn’t been used at all, not touched but could be faulty because I hadn’t tested it… why wouldn’t I test it before I sent… why did I bother trying to sell it… why… why… why. Mood set for rest of day.

Good run in the fields this morning
How muddy?!? On day of new couches?!?!? Really?????

So I’m pleased to say the dogs have stayed off the couches for the most part. A bit of dog behavioural skill working in our house today.

I’ve pottered, tidied, cleaned but I’m sad and quiet. Bliss for some 🤣 I’ve read a couple of sad news’s stories on FB about border collies I follow and I guess when you’re a bit down you attract more down stuff.

I have no words better than my silence today

Stay safe everyone 🧡🧡🧡