Day 228 lovely breakfast out! 🍳 🥞 🧇

Had the weirdest dream again last night. Think I understand this one though…..

I’m at university at falling behind in ALL my subjects. My friend Evelyn (who didn’t go to Uni with me but is bloody good at crochet!) is on level 9 subjects (whatever that means?!) and I’m only at level 4. I am so far behind and have so much to catch up on. I can’t concentrate, my mind is all over the place. Evelyn has everything filed on her laptop, perfectly. Mine is a mess, I can’t find anything, there’s no order.

I’ve had a similar dream before (without Evelyn!) and have also woken up panicked that I won’t get my degree. Surely this is down to my huge change of direction in life and that it doesn’t conform to the life plan I had mapped out. I’m worried I’ll fall behind. So you know what?!? I have fallen behind my life plan. Way behind and I did the day I walked out of the office in floods of tears.

Claire invited me out for breakfast this morning and we went to the Corner House in Kilwinning. It was so lovely. The food was amazing and the company was even better!

I had the veggie breakfast and Claire had the pancakes. I also talked the hind leg off a donkey! (Where does that saying even come from!) So lovely just to get a some time out somewhere together for a change!

So back home and I’m not sure what I’ve achieved this afternoon. I think I’m a bit meh if I’m honest. I feel the weekends need to be something different from the week and there’s loads to do and I can’t be bothered doing any of it. I’m sitting crocheting in from of the fire while Craig snores like a train on the couch!

I think maybe we’re all the same just now. We need to learn that it’s ok to do “nothing”… it’s ok to relax. There is genuinely nothing that really needs done.

I did brush down the dogs. That was worthwhile. 😆

Stay safe everyone 🧶 ❤️🧶