Day 246 still quiet but trying to be more positive 😇

When I woke up at 7 after another dream free sleep, Craig was still out for the count. I did an initial mood assessment on a trip to the loo and surmised that I was calm but still pretty sad. And quiet. (Yes I know miracles will never cease!)

One good thing about having the Rambling Sloth Fb page is that the news feed is very similar to the kinds of things I write about. So I decided to start the day with a look through the Rambling Sloth news feed. it was a good idea….

Thank you 🙏🏻
I am grateful for my life 🌼
I seemed to have resigned from fun quite some time ago due to candles and napping!!
This is how I’ve felt the last few days
Now that is good and basically what I’m doing
What a lovely thought
Oh now stop the bus….. wow…. so you’ve met me??????!!!?!!?? Yes this is me.
I think this is very true for now. I’ve been saddened by a lot in the news this week
I found a page called Slothspirations!!!!!!!!!!!!

So a good start to the day thinking positively. It’s not even 7.30am yet. Don’t worry I’m not gonna write about every minute of my day!

I sat and read my book in Grans chair for an hour or so.

I keep forgetting to say that we have no heating just now. The thermostat is looking for heat and it’s not getting it. One of my FB friends had no heating last week and described it like walking out a door into the Arctic tundra! Made me laugh as the wall of cold is intense.

So I stoked up the stove and the fire to build up some heat for the day. Craig made breakfast when he got up and I went over to Largs to pick up my glasses from Specsavers.

Way back in the early days of my blog, the leg fell off my good glasses. Today about 240+ days later I have them back!

I didn’t even have the energy to wander today. The rain came on and I was there and gone within half an hour. Didn’t even get a coffee!!! Unheard of….

I’ve spent most of the afternoon moving “stuff” from room to room again while poor Craigie’s been dealing with Mighty Mouse in the shed! Much rather have my job than his. I’ve decided when we tackle the loft we need to start with clothes. Go through all our old stuff and get rid of it once and for all and make space.

We have a takeaway coming from the Gateside Inn tonight so I don’t have to cook. All good. I’m lying on the day bed with Freya drinking 0% Leffe which is lovely!

Me and my girl!

Hope you all have a good Friday night, in the house as there’s nothing else to do through COVID-19!

I think this is something I forget that we’re all in this together
If only we’d known the last time we all hugged that we would never take it for granted again

Stay safe everyone 🧡🧡🧡