Day 224 a beautiful day ☀️☀️☀️

It’s 11am and I’ve changed the bed, washed the sheets and had the loveliest long walk up on the old golf course with the dogs. So yeah there are a million photos to come…. 😬

Whilst embracing the darkness and enjoying the long nights, I cannot lie that the sun shine brings me an inner joy that cannot be beaten. (You know as I write that I think what a lot of tosh….. that’s the old me speaking!! The new me bloody loves it!)

I have so many pictures I have no idea how I will narrow them down 🤷🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️

Sunrise over the Gateside Plant Centre.
Spotted 4 bambi running over Andy the milkman’s field… had 3 dogs on the lead so could only get 2 of them on any one photo!
Spooky tree trying to look beautiful in the sun
Still love and old gate and yes I am the shadow blob!!!
Beith from the fields on major zoom!
Lovely to see Calaidh running. She had a great run today and often just plods along in a fast walk. She couldn’t get enough of this today
A wee pose!
Loved this… up on the old golf course where the trees haven’t gone wild yet!
The girls all having a run
Having a wee rest in the grass
Wide view down over Lochwinnoch past the Big Holm hill
Posing up the hill mumma!
So surprised to see some of the gorse blooming again?!
Beith thru the gorse!
Bhru and the gorse!
Loved the cloud. Turned round and carried on walking for a few minutes and it had totally cleared!
Washing my feet!!
The winding road home

I’ve just had the most lovely and relaxing time. I have switched off to the election in the US 🇺🇸. I’ve switched off to all my stressors.

I’m listening to a podcast called “How to you cope” with Elis & John. It can be pretty deep, dealing with huge life issues and I’ve listened to 2 episodes already this morning but their voices are calming and it’s hugely interesting. I did wonder last week if this podcast was causing my negative emotions and it quite possibly was. During kinesiology on Saturday, Shelagh said that this would most likely be the case but it would bring things to the surface in order for me to deal with them. Makes a lot of sense.

In other news I sat on my glasses and now they are really squint… oops.

I’ve been upstairs in the spare room trying to tidy up the mess I’ve made over the last few days. I can currently report that I’m lying on the new day bed trying really hard not to just fall asleep. After all the fresh air and then humphing stuff around fir the last 2 days it’s no wonder I feel tired.

There’s just so much floor space now!!

I love it. Craig if you’re looking for me I am likely to be up here!!

I’m avoiding all things politics but am aware the votes are not all counted despite President Trump telling the world he has won due to voter fraud. He’s lying…. again. Just have to wait and see if he gets back into power. Nuff said.

Nana nap is on the cards now.

Stay safe everyone 💜💜💜