Day 221 Storm Aiden still blawin’ a hoolie 💨 but my mind is still calm 💆🏻‍♀️

Thanks to all who new that our Storm is called Aiden. I know an Aiden and if he’s causing this then I’m not happy with him…. 🙄😆

It looked calm and clear first thing this morning
Calaidh the cutie pie
What you saying?!?
This came up on my feed this morning… I could have written this myself.

I have to say that I am experiencing all of these just now except reckless behaviour and thought of suicide… (thank god!) but yeah it’s amazing how an anxiety episode seems to throw all the good work out the window.

On the plus side my head is much calmer today. I’ve had a good day and it’s been very successful without actually planning it that way.

So I’ve been looking at the IKEA Hemnes day bed to replace the double bed I sold yesterday. A few of our visitors panicked that they would have nowhere to sleep in case they were ever allowed to stay over again!! Now when you read this you’re going to realise just how random it is….

All the second hand day beds are white. Our compromise (as Craig didn’t like the day bed) was that I got the grey one…. the grey one only comes up second hand down south and precisely 345 miles away!! Some were 359, some 378 but you get the picture… too far.

The day before Abbie the camper goes in for her transformation, I wanted to go to Largs. You know how I love a wee trip to Largs. For some reason it just hits the spot. Charity shops…. coffee shops…. and the sea and a ferry…

So yip you guessed it…. this morning a white one appears up for sale on Largs, priced a lot less than any I’ve seen and it’s still for sale and I can go get it today…. and Craig realises that white is fine or we’re gonna have to pay about £400 for a new grey one… and he was going to have to come to IKEA with me. 🤷🏻‍♀️😆

And here she is! White proving that it’s the perfect colour and grey might not have worked?!?

It all fitted in the van perfectly. It’s like it was meant to be. See that just proves that good things come to those who panic and worry and have hissy fits…. 🥴

Largs did not disappoint either.

As England goes into another COVID-19 lockdown I felt the need to do a wee bit of shopping just in case and I actually got some stuff for Christmas. Check me who never says the C word until after my birthday….

Hannibal Lector?? 😷
There is a teensy weensy chance that this is comfort eating 🙄😬

I started on the lighter coloured Irish cream latte…. when someone appeared with the second…. apparently the first one didn’t have any coffee in it!!? Who knew?!? I’d have drank that without realising I think.

Nuff said

Storm Aiden was playing havoc with high tide and I took 852 photos of which I will try and narrow down slightly.

The harbour is just above the water and no more, I’ve never seen it like this
Craig and I sat on that wall recently now way under water
There was a mini parked right behind where I took this photo….. I would have so been moving it if it had been mine!!
This is where I sat writing the blog about 6 weeks ago watching the wee girl swimming in the sea!!
I was just about to write that it’s like watching a boiling cauldron…. I have never done that so why would I even say it?!?
Splish splash 💦 💦

Right… enough. The rest will just had to the 50,000+ photos I have on the iCloud!


Stay safe everyone ❤️❤️❤️