Day 235 a lovely 2nd day of holiday!

Well it was an unusual start to the day at 6.30am soon after I woke up. I got a WhatsApp from Claire next door asking if her Carbon Monoxide detector woke me…… in my sleepy state I think how the hell does she know I’m awake? Im kinda looking around in the dark! As soon as I ask the question I realise I just liked a photo she posted on Instagram…. of course I’m awake.

Never heard their alarm and am now more worried about that than anything else….. but it all good as it’s just the batteries.

I then reply to my friend Tracey in Canada and have a chat with her about what really woke me, my sore ear. She recommended olive oil and I said “way aheada you there, already using that!”

Made me smile that I’d had two lovely conversations while Craig was still snoring like a train, sorry, sweetly beside me!

After putting some more drops in my ear and deafening myself, I feel asleep to the sound of my breathing and awake again at 9am as I felt the need to set an alarm for the weekends?!? Why??

Coffee, Christmas present online shopping with the hubby and then out for a lovely walk in the rain.

Spiers grounds again
Dark and moody Calaidh photo. She waits in the field. She hopes for frisbee. I do not have one. So she just waits.
The Powgree burn is pretty full again
“Oh no we’re gonna get wet paws” Freya tells Calaidh!
I was the only one who got wet feet!!
More puddle reflections
There were some really strange white wispy clouds in the distance

I was listening to the Happy Place podcast again and just really enjoyed my walk today. The fresh air did me good. When I got back I did a quick poo pick and took all the recycling and rubbish down to the bins. I like to do all that when I’m outside and already soaked otherwise I’d never do it. Brought wood in for the fires too. Craig had blitzed the kitchen so that was lovely to come home to.

I then “sharked” the kitchen and sunroom and out the dog beds in the machine to wash.

Feeling motivated but chilled and it’s a lovely way to be.

Decided to put some stuff up for sale today! Craigs MacBook, my AirPods, a Furbo dog camera and flip flops…. who wouldn’t want flip flops in November?! already sold the AirPods to a lovely girl I know!

So the pic below is me now. Feet up on my desk, the candles lit, the wee sparkly lights up temporarily. I brought up the electric fire from our bedroom so that’s on and Freya and I are chilling. She doesn’t have to think of blog content but she’s always there with me while I do.

I love my little space. Craig was up for a bit too. He is allowed in for those of you who are worried!!

Heading down now, we did say earlier we might have a games night tonight. Now anyone who knows me will know that I HATE board games but I am actually that bored(board!) with lockdown evenings that I’ve decided it would be an acceptable way to spend the evening.

A funny that Maw-in-law. This is so true!!!

Stay safe everyone ❤️❤️❤️

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