Day 183 stunning sunrise, gorgeous busy day and stunning sunset!

What a busy day… this is gonna be a late one!

Was up, showered and out with the dogs by 8.30am this morning. What a beautiful day!!

I never saw this forecast. I’ve been in shorts and T-shirt all day when I thought this week was gonna be miserable.

10x zoom into my phone out to Goat Fell on Arran with Beith in the foreground… amazing!
Stunning views from the hill
Walking into the sunrise 🌅
Heading home
Bhru thought about barking at this coo

So off out to volunteer with Beith Trust about 9.30am. Such a lovely day and of course with all the new restrictions I had to be careful to stay out the front door to keep them safe. Had my usual lovely chats with everyone. The weather made such a difference too, it was so warm standing in the sun. ☀️

My fav 2 trees 🌲 🌳 taken while doing deliveries…. stopped the van and took this out the window

One of the wee ladies has a lovely armchair that she wanted recovered and I told her that my Auntie was good at stuff like that… trust me to volunteer someone else…. and of course she’d said yes.

We’ve been talking about it for months but I finally picked it up today. So Auntie Jac met me in a car park (again as we can’t be in anyone else’s house…) and we swapped the chair from my van to her car then drove to The Little Coffee Caravan for some sustenance and a wee stand about in the sun.

Then we drove up to Dunelm Mill… in separate cars due to COVID-19 as we can’t car share… to try to find some material for the chair. We got some and got a really good deal and Auntie Jac is away off with the chair and material to work her wonders. I’ve told her that I’ll be on call to head up and help anytime.

Got home to find the bathroom coming on well.

Had messaged Claire on the way home to see if she fancied a dog walk!
Setting sun 🌅
How stunning is this?!
This is a zoomed out pic!
The Gateside Inn at sunset

I’m now in the pub with the Gateside Hookers tonight socially distanced of course. Story of our lives now eh?! We need 2 separate tables as there are 4 of us and we can only sit 2 households at any one table.

Having a lovely chat with the girls but think I’ll sleep tonight… and all of tomorrow I reckon!

Stay safe everyone 🌄 ☀️ 🌅

8 thoughts on “Day 183 stunning sunrise, gorgeous busy day and stunning sunset!

  1. Looks like a really good day. We’ve had shit weather.
    Bathrooms coming on nice. Love the tiles.
    Coo. Does make me smile that.
    Hookers does too. Phaha 🤣😂🥚

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