Day 189 is this the latest blog ever??? Starting at 8.42pm…. 🤦🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️

I saw this first thing on FB and thought it too lovely not to share. Follow Hope Blamire Artist on FB

So I honestly don’t know where the hours go…. how did I ever find time to devote 13 hours a day to my old job?!?!

Today has been a jumble of dog behaviour calls, Kinesiology twice, dog walks, document sorting and chatting outside in the dark with Claire. Covid life continues.

So my first kinesiology appointment was at 10 am and the internet just wouldn’t play ball at all….. we ended up giving up and Shelagh gave me an appointment at 1pm down in her treatment room in Dalry.

The first time I have been since February, the first time I have physically seen her since February and it was so lovely and so normal but in a very good way! It felt so good to be back.

We dealt with self preservation today. How to deal with everything life throws at you and not melt into a greasy blob when things don’t go your way. I love that I feel in tune with Shelagh’s healing now and I can feel the energy changes quite quickly.

Socially distanced Kinesiology

Shelagh wears a mask, apron and gloves throughout the treatment. I missed her hugs though!!

Came home and straight out into the sun with the dogs!

We had a lovely frisbee dog walk today
It’s another beautiful day
I loved this
The road to nowhere… except Margaret Johnson’s obviously!
Calaidh carries the frisbee home!!

So I had a table booked in the pub from 4.30pm to go through the boxes of Memorial Hall Treasury documents with Rachel two doors down! We’re not allowed in each other’s houses so had a socially distanced sort of the documentation in the pub. A job really well done in an hour and a half!

Next door Claire had been out for a walk without us as I was busy but she popped into the garden for a chat. We wrapped up well and sat outside until 8.30pm! Craig came home and couldn’t figure out where we were till he heard voices out the back!!

We had such a giggle. I drank a part of a daddy long legs in my coffee which was a joy…….. not….. we just laughed at everything we talked about which was a lovely end to a very busy day!

Awfy dark!!
A lovely night outside! as the moon comes up it’s almost a full moon! 🌝

So I’m back inside, cooried up on the couch while Craig’s eats his dinner. Wont be long till bed I reckon.

Stay safe everyone 🌕🌕🌕