Day 177 wee morning out with Mum 💜 in the sunshine ☀️ then dinner in Greenock 🥘

Up with gym boy again today but fell back asleep and then was the coos tail trying to get everything done this morning!

It’s a beautiful morning. Headed over to mums….. as first thing as my sleeping in would allow…. still got there for 10.05 which is later than I wanted but not bad going.

As an aside, I find if I have a lot to do in a day then I get a bit anxious when it doesn’t run exactly to my strict timelines. Just chill pet!!!

Lovely to see mum but due to COVID-19 there were no hugs or kisses which is very strange and feels alien to me. It feels rude but it is what it is. I’m sure in years to come physical hugs will be a thing of the past which is very sad.

Was lovely to see her. I took some pictures of all of her flowers as there are so many and they are stunning!

All stunning!! She could start a flower shop!
We went out to the Pentland Hills Cafe Express at Flotterstone
So glad I had the crochet blanket for mum to sit on as she feels the cold really easily just now.
Wee selfie 🤳
Peppermint slice was out of this world!!!
St James the Less, Penicuik

This is the church I grew up in. We were all members of the church choir for years and Dad is the organist. Dad was up cutting the grass today so we went up for a wee drive after coffee to see him.

I grew up playing in these church grounds after every Sunday service and every choir practice. It’s lovely to see it on such a nice day. Got a wee pic of mum leaning against the tower while I negotiated the new Labyrinth that they just cut into the grass as the new ministers request.

Mum testing against the tower wall while I ran around the Labyrinth
It’s designed so that people can walk round in thoughtful contemplation or prayer
I of course had to walk round it like a loony to see if it worked!! It did!

Got introduced to the new minister who had a lovely old collie dog called Jep. She was so nervous I couldn’t get her to come to me… believe me, I tried!!

So very true.

I had calls to make when I came back and the hours since 2pm have just disappeared….. I did sit out and start this!

Sorry this is so late tonight but we drove out to Greenock tonight to meet Dave Spinks for dinner. He’s the DIRECTOR of Overland Bound for Western Europe. Oooooooh!

Saw some stunning views on the way but could take pics as I was driving…. saw a stunning sunset from the window in the restaurant and couldn’t take pics due to social distancing and we were eating…

A great night with a great catch up! Dave will be pleased to know I did get a pic of him!!

Dave “Thatchers” Spinks!

Stay safe everyone ☀️☀️☀️