Day 181 a practical day… bit dull but lists ticked! ✅✅

I had some crazy dreams again last night but I was in a great mood when I got up this morning. Up at the back of 7 showered, dressed, cleaned the wee tiny, teensy, weensy bathroom which took a nano fraction of a second to be honest.

I set the computer up and set my call register up for the week all ready to go. I have coffee with Craig and then went out with the dogs. It’s dry today but a wee nip in the air until you start walking fast!

There were coos everywhere today… kind of wondered what they were waiting for 🐮🐮🐮
Ready to climb the fence
We found a field that didn’t have coos or fresh silage cut in it. They had a great run while I walked up the road and keep my feet dry
Strange sky today!

So I came back home, coffee on and sat down to make calls but there was a frustration eating away at me, and anxiety a stress building. I wasn’t sure why but it was making me breathless. I made 3 calls and then couldn’t make anymore as they had come through as blank without any information in them… that got me a bit more p*d off… when you’re in a mood like that then nothing goes your way.

To be fair, the house was still a riot with everything going on with the bathroom. The bedroom in particular has taken a hit. I went in there and tried to blitz as much as I could. Most of the camping stuff is now down in the shed. The bed’s changed and clothes tidied away etc. We still have tiles and campervan flat pack furniture but that’s ok. It has to be somewhere for now and will be gone in a few weeks. I felt a cluttered house was giving me a very cluttered mind.

Tidying up did help a lot. Then it was 4 o’clock. Time flies when you’re having fun….

The bathroom guy isn’t here today as the plaster is still drying… reckon there used to be a window on this wall before the extension was built?!? So random!
I always trust my gut now
I love this 🐥🐣🦅 I always joked that I was hatching into an eagle

So I’ve got a busy week ahead so I’m pleased I’ve made a dent in the housework. I have calmed down a bit but I am very tired. As soon as the anxiety passes it leaves me zonked….

We’re being warned that COVID infection rates are doubling at the moment so something needs to change to slow down the rate of infection. I don’t know what that will mean for us but it will be very difficult if we are sent back into another lockdown. I’m not sure if it will come to that but I’m guessing it might.

I’m gonna spend the even trying to out a smile on this grumpy face…. worst case at least I can guarantee that clean bed will do it later on!!

Stay safe everyone 💛🧡❤️