Day 175 some days are sent to try us but I’m having a nap instead 😴😴

The day starts with TORRENTIAL rain which I did not see coming in our wee mini heatwave. I’m awake early about 6.30am and can hear it from bed.

Remember how I had left the camping stuff airing…. outside?!?!? Now absolutely soaking of course. Thankfully I’d brought the air bed into the house so that was one less thing soaked.

So in my new positive way, I see that it all got a good wash and it’s gonna dry in our planned 20C heat today.

I decided to do the food shopping early this morning and heading to Abbie the camper van just after 8am. She was as dead as a dodo. Flat as a pancake. I leave her for one week and she does.

So back in the house for the key to the Beetle. Honestly that car has been a bloody lifesaver! I don’t know what we would have done without it! Went up to Aldi in Johnstone.

I don’t drive anywhere near as much as I used to and I found the traffic incredibly busy along with the torrential rain and the spray. I had to concentrate way more than I have needed to in the past… but I got there.

Shopping done, home and put away… well Craig did most of that! Went off to make Pawsitive Solutions calls and booked 2 jobs… boom!

Then…… drum roll 🥁 🥁 🥁 I had my first haircut since before lockdown!!!!! It really needed a tidy up and Elaine across the road has built a wee salon into the back of her house! Should have taken a photo!! It’s so smart.

It’s all tidied and straight for the first time in life… forever! Have to put a pic in here as no one else will get to see it!

Back home after haircut and I honestly haven’t felt the best today. I was antsy but very tired. Anxious, out of breath and for no reason whatsoever. The house is all over the place just now because of the bathroom renovations. We have all the tiles in the bedroom. All the bathroom extras in the hall. Stoor everywhere!!!!!!

So I think the reason today was I didn’t work from a list… I tried to let myself off the list hook and then stressed about not doing some things while I concentrated on others. One of those days.

I had the best nap for 45 mins and then was woken by the doorbell. Holly (next door) delivered pub Lasagne, garlic bread and coleslaw at 3.30pm totally out of the blue, so amazing! We are so lucky!

Abbie the camper is back up and running fully charged so Claire and I drove down to Largs to give her a run before volunteering tomorrow.

Sun setting in Largs
Sunset girls
Into Nardinis for ice-cream…. so many flavours!
2 scoop tubs!!
My new mask from Craigie. I am making a scary face for some strange reason
The Cumbrae Ferry
And again!
Abbie posing at the seaside!
Post sunset 🌅 selfie 🤳

What a lovely evening and the perfect relaxing end to an anxious antsy day. Just lovely.

Sleep well and stay safe everyone 🌅 🍦 😎