Day 172 sleep 🛏 crochet 🧶 wood burning stove 🔥 if Carlsberg did rest days

Not sure that’s a great title for today’s blog from someone who gave up the booze a few years back (minus 2 days!) but hey…. it says it all.

Wow 💕
Don’t read too much into the “I’m going to be easy…” I know some of you sniggered at that. The rest of it is perfect!

Sitting in Gran’s recliner chair with my feet up (obviously!) next to what we call Nana’s wood burning stove. (Bought with some money when she died.)

Ahhhhhh that’s better, instant comfort, instant heat. I love the outdoors but this is a lovely way to spend a holiday Saturday, safe and cosy together in our house.

I am diligently crocheting 🧶 Craig’s blanket…. since it was never finished before holiday I am now aiming for Christmas…. I mean well before Christmas. Well before…. 😬 (I’m half way down this blog and he’s just said “have you finished it yet”….. he can see I’m on my phone again…. 🙄🤣)

I’ve been thinking a lot about an uncomfortable subject…. I wonder if I should have handled things better, what I could have done differently but part of my healing was to set boundaries where I distanced myself from the things and particularly people that created stress for me for one reason or another.

You have to set boundaries as you can’t be everything to everyone and try to put yourself first at the same time. Those that make you work for friendship, those that aren’t in touch when things go sour, those that don’t know how to deal with it… all have an affect on your mental health.

While I firmly believe it’s my reaction to the “things that broke me” that caused the breaking down I also believe I have to stay away to keep my strength.

If you’re off work with a broken leg, people send you flowers and lots of well wishes. If you’re off work with mental health then it’s a whispered, taboo subject and people stay away so as not to upset you. Those that did get in touch meant a lot as they had broken the mould and reached out.

I feel this is quite a negative subject for my blog as I try to focus on the positive but setting boundaries is a very hard thing to do and the positive for me is that it was a lifesaver. If I speak my truth I will be calm.

A good clear out of Facebook is a great place to start. I used to think that building numbers of friends was the answer to everything. I now realise it’s the quality of friendships that matter.

The fear is real every day, I don’t want to cause upset or hurt but I need to look out for me
To break the negative vibe!! 🍪 🍪 🍪 🤣
We all need to focus on and believe in the good
My wish for you all

I realise there are a bunch of new rules for COVID coming into place over the next few days so I’ll get a look at them when I stop being on holiday…. how long can we milk it eh?!

Stay safe everyone 🦥🦥🦥