Day 165 our first real Overland & Borders adventure…. and boy did it end with adventure!

Well that was a cold, cold, cold night! It was fureeeeezing! Even with 3 dogs to cuddle it was freezing. Didn’t sleep much, tossed and turned and fought with blankets… although I did have a revelation through the night when I wrapped myself in the blanket and then got in the sleeping bag. No more blanket sliding off every time I moved. Clever huh?!?

This is us arriving at camp last night.
Campfire 🔥
The moon was so bright
Morning drinks!!!
Alright view eh?!?
Sunrise over camp!
Looked like a storm was brewing but it came to nothing thankfully
Boy on breakfast

So I’m gonna be really honest here, we’ve had an amazing day and I have so much to talk about and so many photos but I’m sitting round a campfire enjoying the heat and feeling very rude for having to sit and write the blog.

The greenlaning ended with a drive on the craziest road we have ever been on and a huge puff of smoke from engine the bonnet….. Craig did so well while I had a meltdown and ran away up the track with the dogs!!!

To be continued….
We are fine but Jeepey McJeepface might not be… limping to the next campsite tomorrow.

Stay safe everyone 🔥🔥🔥