Day 186 sticking to one set of clothes and being done with it… another glorious day ☀️☀️

I had THE BEST sleep last night and count not wake up or move… until we realised that the bathroom guy was at the front door waiting to get in 😬 the downside to an electronic door bell is that it does not ring when both phones are on silent.

Thank heavens we have Calaidh the announcer of visitors… 😳😬😆

So after that rude awakening and moving all at the same time…… it’s actually been a relatively functional day. Albeit still a very cold but beautiful day!

Off out in the Jeep with the new clutch
To B&Q yay!!

Craig’s looking for storage for the Jeep so we got some stuff in B&Q and headed to Morrison’s.

Some observations today… everyone was wearing a mask inside the stores. There are no queues to get in but the shops are festooned with signs telling you to social distance.

Think that’s the first time I’ve been in Morrisons since lockdown. Around 2 aisles they have a fancy trolley queuing system which seemed crazy to me but actually was really effective. You are 2m from everyone else and someone tells you what till you go to so there’s none if this chancing your arm at a till and getting stuck in a big queue while the other one moves faster. The queue winds round the homeware aisles so it did work as no one is desperately wanting straight into those aisles.

So home, shopping away and Craig started to build the drawer unit for the Jeep and has just so rested it in Raptor spray paint. He ran out but it looks great so far!

It’s lightweight with 4 drawers so will take loads of stuff for easy access in the Jeep
The new normal…. please turn a blind “eye” to my husband (see what I did there?!?)

We went into the pub to meet out neighbours Jim & Fiona at 4pm and had a lovely afternoon drink and chat. Holly bought one some Erdinger alcohol free beer which I really like so I had two of them and then went on to Coke Zero and coffee. (Any more than 2 Erdinger and I explode as it’s so gassy!)

Back in the house now for a movie evening, I’ve not much to say today (check me!)

Stay safe everyone ❤️❤️❤️