Day 180 blog writing by the sea is the way forward 🏖 ☀️ 🌊

We had the loveliest night with Dave and Angela last night. A wee bite to eat, some drinks and a great catch up. Precious time spent with friends. We only met them in April of 2018 on our first Overland Bound weekend in Loch Lomond and honestly haven’t seen them that many times since but they’re great company and it’s great to hear about their real overlanding travels across many, many countries. You can follow them on FB at Polaris Overland.

The docks next to the restaurant last night
Dave and Angela saw me taken photos haha!
Sunset over the dock

We had a lovely time last night. I spared them a photo!!

I feel better today but I’m quiet and I know I’m quiet and it’s nice to just withdraw into my own company sometimes as I can just be.

Had a lazy morning and decided to treat myself to a wee day in Largs. I came here a lot when I was off sick. It has charity shops for a wee wander… the Pound Basket 💷 🧺 that has a wool 🧶 section which is out of this world… it has a CalMac ferry ⛴ and it has the sea 🌊. What’s not to love.

Today I got a present for one of my wee delivery ladies as she is 80 on 13th October. She’s so excited about it and confessed that’s she’s dreading that no one does anythh h info for her. Queue me…. picked up some lovely wee bits and bobs for her. 🎁

My current view

It has to be said that there are hundreds of people walking past me but I am not looking at them. I’m on my own and I’m looking at the sea. I just called Craig to say I don’t want to come home but I wish he was here!

I had to park up at the top of Largs seafront as the main car park had a queue
Arty pic of the Cumbrae Ferry ⛴
The sea was like a mill pond
Main Street was busy
I went into Costa and the lady behind me was the only one in the shop not wearing a mask, including all the staff. This is not me taking a photo of her but I jumped straight to judgement of her then tried to be more understanding… Inside Costa is empty as everyone is outside. Covid life is so strange.
A coconut milk latte for me ☕️
The ferry slip and the sun is coming out
The wash from the ferry
Now the sun is out and the wind has picked up.

How many of us actually take time in life just to be. I think I’d said yesterday that being sober means no escape from everyday life, no oblivion from the rat race, no ahhhh that’s better. Being by the sea does that for me I think. It’s my relaxation. My chill out. My ahhhhh that’s better.

Sea Sparkles

There’s lots of COVID news today as we seem to be on the verge of a second lockdown but I’m not going to cover it as I’m enjoying the moment without negativity.

A yacht ⛵️ a ferry ⛴ and a dingy 🚣🏽‍♀️ from right to left

I’m laughing out loud as a kid next to me just asked if she could swim and was told no… there was no towel and not change of clothes. She’s allowed to paddle and then she falls in…. methinks she planned it all along!! Now every other kid round about wants to swim too… it must be freezing as well?!?!

When do we get so boring as we grow up? We conform to what society expects of us and getting wet with no towel or change of clothes is just horrifying to us…. maybe I need to take a leaf out of that wee girls’ book.

Live for the moment, have fun and do what makes you happy. She is beaming from ear to ear….

They’ve also been trying to get her out of the wager for the last 20 mins and it’s getting boring now!

I hope you’re all having a lovely Sunday. I’m gonna sit here and just be for a bit longer.

Stay safe everyone 🚣🏽‍♀️ ⛵️ ⛴